Reliance Foundry Adds Easy Mix and Match Flexibility to Removable and Retractable Bollards

Reliance Foundry has added new mechanisms for both period and contemporary bollards that expand design options and make using removable & retractable bollards easier than ever to use.

Series 7900/8900 Removable Bollards
New mounting hardware is available for a variety of removable bollards in the company's more traditional powder-coated steel finishes, with many stainless steel options available also. The mix and match features of the Series 7900/8900 removable bollard product line include two bollard posts, two types of bike arm attachments and two different in-ground removable receiver systems. These bollards can also be mounted as fixed bollard versions, by using a surface/flange mount installation option or by using an in-ground/embedded installation option.

After installation, removable bollards are easily lifted entirely out of a metal sleeve (or "receiver") in the ground - an attractive cost option for venues that work best with varied bollard arrangements for events or other changing uses. Many such venues buy receivers for several bollard configurations they use, and save money by moving the removable bollard posts from spot to spot as needed.

Reliance Foundry receivers for removable bollards include two styles - receivers with lids, and removable receivers with chain fastenings.

This expanded line also now includes removable bike parking bollards. "The additional option of adding bicycle parking arms makes bollards more versatile than ever, using bike parking bollards in removable applications", according to Brad Done, vice president of Reliance Foundry.

Series 8400 Retractable Bollards
Retractable bollards, sometimes called collapsible, pop-up or telescopic bollards, lower or retract completely into the ground, and provide secure, locking accomodation for above-ground positions. These types of bollards are most often used in areas such as driveways or other entry points where passive security bollards are needed most of the time, but which need to be opened for purposes including delivery, maintenance & emergency vehicles.

The Series 8400 retractable bollards now have complimentary fixed and removable bollards available. "Both retractable and removable bollards are an important design and cost asset. They make it easy to match bollards throughout a property, rather than having decorative bollards around most of the perimeter but less attractive 'utility' bollards across vehicle entry points, and save money by allowing designers to use lower cost fixed bollards on most of a site, investing a bit more for retractable or removable bollards where they are needed," Done noted.

Additional options for all removable, retractable or fixed bollards include reflective stripes to make them more visible at night, decreasing accidental damage.

Reliance Foundry provides all of the hardware and installation instructions needed for all of its bollard lines, so specifiers and others face no danger of having to search for separate hardware to install these bollards.

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