Release Liners are silicone-coatable for flexibility.

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AvantEdge(TM) Series release liners for pressure-sensitive applications come in four types. AvantEdge Auto Applying (AA) Label Release features effective light transmission, AvantEdge Label Release is designed for roll and layflat label applications, AvantEdge Graphics Release is compatible in multiple silicone systems, and AvantEdge Tapes & Industrial (T&I) Release is two-sided and coated for industrial casting and composite applications.

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Boise® Unveils Cutting Edge AvantEdge(TM) Release Liners

BOISE, Idaho, May 8 -- Boise Paper announced today the launch of Boise AvantEdge(TM) Release Liners, a ground-breaking family of direct silicone-coatable release liners designed to provide customers with more flexibility than ever before. The AvantEdge family utilizes Boise's proprietary Adaptive Coating & Calendering (ACC) technology, combining the best of Glassine, Super Calendared Kraft (SCK) and Clay Coated Kraft (CCK) properties to produce high-quality, consistent release liners that further solidify Boise Paper as an industry leader and innovator in the pressure sensitive industry.

With the added flexibility provided by Boise's AvantEdge Release Liners, the pressure-sensitive market is no longer constrained by the limitations of legacy technologies. Now customers are able to leverage a single core technology that can be geared to meet their specific needs across Label, Graphics and Tapes and Industrial applications. These new capabilities will be available thanks to the expansion project currently underway at Boise's Wallula, Washington facility. The project is expected to be completed in June 2007.

"Boise's AvantEdge Release family of products, enabled by ACC technology, leverages over 30 years of established trust as the industry standard in several release liner categories," said Daniel Brown, director of marketing and strategic planning for Boise's Label, Release & Specialty Papers business. "We are broadening our leadership into other end use segments such as auto applying labels. Boise has now achieved over 900 billion square inches of proven results for these applications. Our technology expands the set of options by changing the established paradigms that have constrained various end use applications to SCK and Glassine."

Boise's AvantEdge family of release liners is made up of four unique products: AvantEdge Auto Applying (AA) Label Release, AvantEdge Label Release, AvantEdge Graphics Release, and AvantEdge Tapes & Industrial (T&I) Release. All four products are designed to address the unique needs of each individual end use segment.

AvantEdge AA Label Release features effective light transmission, is engineered for label-applying speed and is ideal in both Prime and Variable Information automatic dispensing systems.

AvantEdge Label Release is designed for roll and layflat label applications and provides effective die cutting across a wide range of facestocks while optimizing basis weight at the desired caliper.

AvantEdge Graphics Release builds on 30 years of excellence as the trusted industry standard and is now designed to be compatible in multiple silicone systems while advancing quality and consistency.

AvantEdge T&I Release is engineered for tapes and industrial end uses such as casting and composite applications. This two-sided coated release liner optimizes dimensional stability, making it a favorable alternative to traditional SCK products.

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