Refuse Compactor meets needs of small landfill operations.

Press Release Summary:

BOMAG BC472RB is 52,900 lb compactor featuring PAKALL wheel design that uses 4 polygonal compaction rings and 40 teeth/wheel to eliminate air voids by shredding and crushing material. Hydrostatic drive system, powered by 255 hp diesel engine, transfers power/torque to wheels. Featuring sealed frame and hubs to prevent debris entry, unit also has scraper bars/wire cutters to protect wheels, central lubrication system, and cab, rated at 74 dB, with heating and air conditioning.

Original Press Release:

New 52,900-Pound Compactor Ideal for Smaller Landfill Operations

The new BC472RB refuse compactor from BOMAG offers the performance and durability of the company's larger machines in a more compact package. Ideal for smaller landfills, the 52,900-pound compactor offers a sealed frame design, outstanding operator comfort, easy maintenance access and superior compaction capabilities.

"This machine fills a need for small landfill operators for whom large machines are overkill, but until now had few alternatives in a smaller compactor," said Dave Dennison, product manager at BOMAG Americas, Inc. "It uses many of the same innovations found in our larger machines and incorporates them into a smaller unit that very effectively extends the lifespan of a landfill."

Compaction performance starts with BOMAG's exclusive PAKALL wheel design. With four polygonal compaction rings and 40 teeth per wheel, the BC472RB eliminates air voids by shredding and crushing waste, allowing landfill operators to achieve greater density, preserve valuable airspace and extend the lifespan of their landfills.

Like all BOMAG refuse compactors, the BC472RB features a hydrostatic drive system for superior control and traction. Powered by a 255-horsepower Tier 3 Deutz water-cooled diesel engine, the hydrostatic drive efficiently transfers power and torque to the wheels, providing high pushing power and tractive effort while reducing fuel consumption.

Like the larger compactors in the BOMAG line, the BC472RB features a sealed frame and hubs, which protect major drive components and prevent debris from entering the engine compartment and causing inboard fires or other damage. The compactor has 23 inches of ground clearance and an articulating/oscillating center joint, helping to maintain greater wheel contact, control and maneuverability. Adjustable scraper bars and wire cutters keep the wheels free of debris, maintaining traction and allowing maximum tooth penetration.

In addition to offering superior compaction to extend landfill lifespan, the BC472RB also reduces maintenance costs and labor. A standard automatic central lubrication system automatically greases all major joints, eliminating the need for regular manual greasing. The vertically opening hood and lower access door provide complete access to all engine maintenance points.

Operator comfort and ergonomics are also enhanced with the BC472RB. Joystick controls allow the operator to drive the machine from a natural position, reducing fatigue. The cab provides a quiet operating environment and is rated at 74 decibels.

Standard equipment on the BC472RB includes a sound-suppression cab with heating and air conditioning, vibration isolation and AM/FM CD radio; front and rear working lights; comfort seat; windscreen wipers and washers; back-up alarm; warning horn; seat belts; and a central lubrication system. Optional equipment includes a hydraulic oil temperature gauge, decelerator pedal, cab protection grids, charcoal cab filtration and an 11.8-foot refuse blade. Also available is a choice of wheels with either premium or forged teeth.

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