Refrigerated Beverage Cartons optimize storage and shelf space.

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Available in 40, 48, 52, and 59 oz size options to accommodate storage inside refrigerator door and top shelf, SmartPak™ Cartons protect product flavor, nutrients, and vitamins while also maximizing pour control. Part of FreshHouse™ line optimized for renewability, recyclability, and reliability advantages, product is >70% paper from responsible forestry practices and offers graphic real estate on 4 sides. Design also optimizes space on existing retail shelf and promotes shelf turn.

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Evergreen Packaging® Introduces New SmartPak(TM) Cartons

Four new, more convenient sizes cater to processor, retailer and consumer needs

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Evergreen Packaging®, a leader in refrigerated beverage carton manufacturing, today announced the introduction of SmartPak™ Cartons in a new cross-section with 40 ounce, 48 ounce, 52 ounce and 59 ounce size options. This new product line, designed to meet rising demands in the market for different sizes, provides benefits for brands in the areas of branding, sustainability, transportation and storage efficiencies.

"Evergreen Packaging SmartPak™ Cartons provide advantages in shelf space optimization, product differentiation and distribution efficiency while also tying into current consumer trends of smaller households, growing beverage options and increasingly eco-conscious shoppers," said Evergreen Packaging Vice President of Sales Greg Otto. "We are committed to being a resourceful partner to our clients by introducing new products like SmartPak™ Cartons that benefit processors, retailers and consumers alike."

Consumer Benefits

In recent years there has been an increased demand for variety in packaging sizes. In fact, the average number of people per household is declining according to the U.S. Census Bureau - with more than half of households made up of only one or two people. As households shrink, beverage options are on the rise - with more than 4,000 new beverages introduced in the U.S. every year, according to Mintel.  As household size declines and beverage options rise, the need for more size options on the retail shelf also rises.

The design provides good pouring control for all ages and easily stores inside the refrigerator door and top shelf. Like all of Evergreen Packaging's cartons, the SmartPak™ carton helps protect product flavor, nutrients, and vitamins.  SmartPak™ Cartons are part of Evergreen Packaging's FreshHouse™ line of cartons, designed to offer advantages in renewability, recyclability and reliability. Evergreen Packaging's cartons are over 70 percent paper, which comes from a renewable resource: trees. The trees used in FreshHouse cartons are from forests where responsible forestry practices are used and where overall growth exceeds harvest. FreshHouse cartons help ensure product freshness by protecting flavor, nutrients and vitamins, and cartons are recyclable for over 58 percent of U.S. households.

Processor Benefits

The four new sizes add flexibility for positioning and promotional activity while also offering opportunities for lowering product and case costs. Additionally, the new line is designed to help maximize product portfolios and increase product differentiation. The high quality graphic real estate on the four sides of cartons allows brands to tell their story in a compelling way and engage consumers effectively. Evergreen Packaging also offers a one-time conversion for processors using certain half gallon filling machines, allowing the flexibility to change between any of the 40 ounce, 48 ounce, 52 ounce and 59 ounce sizes.

Retailer Benefits

SmartPak™ Cartons' sleek design optimizes space on the existing retail shelf and promotes shelf turn. The four sizing options add flexibility for pricing and promotional activity. In fact, the four-sided panels' process print graphics creates bold shelf presence that is an excellent choice for store brands looking for differentiation.

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About Evergreen Packaging®

Evergreen Packaging is a global leader in creating fiber-based packaging solutions customized to deliver product freshness and brand distinction. Evergreen Packaging is a vertically integrated packaging company, delivering total solutions of barrier paperboard, technical expertise, equipment and service.

Evergreen Packaging cartons have the eco-friendly attributes consumers want: more than 70 percent of the carton is made from paper derived from a renewable resource: trees. Cartons are also recyclable for an increasing number of households. In addition, our cartons are made with renewable energy - over 50 percent of the energy used to make the paper in our cartons comes from biomass.

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