Refractometer can hold 14 custom measurement scales.

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Suitable for measuring transparent and translucent liquids or solids, Reichert Abbe Mark III features refractive index range of 1.3000-1.7000 and 0.0-95.0% solids, with measurement accuracy of 0.0001 RI and 0.1%, respectively. Measurements can be automatically temperature compensated in both reading modes. For connectivity to PC and printer, unit is supplied with 2 x RS232 serial communication ports. Device targets food, beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical markets.

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Abbe Mark III Refractometer

Model can hold 14 custom measurement scales with its unique "memory capacity" feature

The Reichert Abbe Mark III manual transmission refractometer is a modern state-of-the-art interpretation of the classic abbe refractometer. This refractometer includes the operating features of the Abbe Mark II Plus and other advanced features that make the Mark III a superior Abbe. To operate, place the shadowline in the crosshair intersect and press the READ key. The instrument value is visually displaced on the LCD screen, along with digitally measured temperature, date and time. The measurements can be Automatically Temperature Compensated in both the Refractive Index and % Solids reading modes. The wide Refractive Index range of 1.3000 to 1.7000 and 0.0 to 95.0% Solids makes this instrument suitable for diverse applications found in the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical markets. Measurement accuracy is 0.0001 RI and 0.1% respectively. Accuracy is insured with Reichert's advanced Automatic Temperature Equilibration detection software. The unit has memory capacity to hold an additional 14 custom measurement scales, making this a 16 channel refractometer. Sample illumination is provided by internal long life LED's. The unit is supplied with 2 x RS232 serial communication ports that allow connectivity to a PC and printer. The Abbe Mark III offers features and benefits not found on other refractometers in this class.

Operation: Manual, Transmitted Light Refractometer
Sample Types: Transparent and Translucent Liquids or Solids
Reading Range: 1.3000 to 1.7000 Refractive Index, Full Brix Scale per ICUMSA
Precision: Refractive Index, 0.1 Brix
Calibration: Set Point or Set Point/Span User Definable
Temperature Control Method: Ports for External Circulator
Temperature Control Range: 10° to 80° Celsius
Temperature Precision: 0.01°C Celsius, Glass Prism sealed with Epoxy to 416 Grade
Prism Assembly: Stainless Steel Housing
Display: Graphic LCD display, 1.8"W x 1/8" H (4.7 x 4.7 cm)
User Interface: Simple, Effective 5-Button Operation
I/O: 2 RS-232-C 9-pin Serial Ports
Warranty: 2 Years
Software: Multilingual (English, German, Spanish, French) Calibration History Record, Programmable with up to 14 Custom Scales, Password Protected Set-Up
Features: Automatic Sample Equilibration Detection, Restore to Factory Option

Catalog No.	Model/Description	         Price
1310488M Abbe Mark III Refractometer $5,295.00

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