Reed Switch suits compact environments.

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Potted switch, with Celanex housing, measures 0.145 in. dia x 0.450 in. long. Single-pole, single-throw, normally open contact is rated for 10 W, 400 mA, and 170 Vdc. Magnetic field senses position of object and causes contact to open or close. Reed switch provides high speed switching with no mechanical wear, and requires no supply voltage for operation.

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New Miniature Reed Switch

Racine, WI (March 15, 2002) - - - A new compact reed switch has been introduced by Reed Switch Developments Corp. The over all dimensions of this compact potted switch in a Celanex housing is 0.145"Dia x 0.450" Long. The switch is a Single Pole, Single Throw normally-open contact with maximum electrical characteristics of 10 WATTS, 400 mA and 170VDC.

The proven technology of a reed switch delivers a sensing solution that is highly reliable, versatile and cost effective. Some unique characteristics of a reed switch include high speed switching capabilities, no mechanical wear, compact size, adaptability to a wide range of power requirements, easy installation, long life and requires no supply voltage for operation.

The basics of how a reed switch operates are a magnetic field causes the contact of the switch to open or close and in turn an electrical circuit will be broken or completed.

"This miniature reed switch, because of its size and electrical characteristics has opened up new opportunities for Original Equipment Manufacturers to sense position of an object in a compact environment. Reed Switch Developments Corp. works hard to make certain that our customers' particular requirements are matched specifically to the best reed switch for their application", said Richard Berns, Reed Switch Developments Corp. Vice President of Sales and New Product Development.

Reed Switch Developments Corp. is a recognized leader in the development of custom designed reed switch solutions for OEM's. The company supplies a complete line of reed switches and actuators that help control safety interlocks, limit controls, and monitor the position or speed of an object in the harshest of environments.

Reed Switch Developments Corp., is a privately held supplier and custom manufacturer of Reed Switch assemblies, magnets and bare reed switches in numerous shapes and sizes for a wide variety of industries. For a free sample or additional information on Reed Switch Developments Corp. contact Vicki Lanphier, Marketing and Sales Coordinator, at (262) 637-8848, access their website at or email them at

*Product samples available upon request.

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