Reduced Torque Clutches, Brakes enhance narrow web converters.

Press Release Summary:

Driven at constant speed by primary drive of machine, SensiFlex® tension control clutches and brakes include 19 models with proprietary ULOW (ultra-low coefficient) friction facings. These single-surface, air-actuated friction devices maintain tension on roll of material - paper, film, foil, wire - as it is being unwound/rewound. Span of air pressure traversed to deliver torque required at core up to torque required at full roll (and vice versa) allows precise web tension control.

Original Press Release:

New Reduced Torque SENSIFLEX® Clutches and Brakes Relieve Tension Headaches

For Label Printers and Other Narrow Web Converters

Nineteen New Models Feature Ultra-Low Coefficient Friction Facings

WALTON, KY - Mach III Clutch, Inc. announces that nineteen new models have been added to their patented SensiFlex® line of tension control clutches and brakes. These models include the new Mach III ULOW (ultra-low coefficient) friction facings and have 45% lower maximum torque capacities than their identically sized SensiFlex® counterparts with LOCO friction facings. Lower torque capacity means that the span of air pressure traversed to deliver the torque required at core up to the torque required at full roll (and vice versa) is expanded, allowing more precise web tension control. This is an advantage for label printing and other narrow web converting applications where web tensions are low and the range of torque required to complete the process is narrow.

SensiFlex® clutches and brakes are single surface, air actuated friction devices which maintain tension on a roll of material such as paper, film, foil or wire as it is being unwound or rewound. Both are driven at a constant speed by the primary drive of the machine. When engaged, the brake holds back the unwind shaft, the clutch drives the rewind shaft. Torque output, measured in pound inches, is linear to air pressure (PSI) applied. As the material being processed depletes (unwind) or builds (rewind) the rotations per minute of the roll increase or decrease in proportion to roll diameter. At the same time, the torque required to maintain constant tension decreases (unwind) or increases (rewind) with roll diameter. The clutch or brake must slip constantly to compensate for the continually changing difference in input and output RPM while at the same time increasing or decreasing torque output as required.

The patented SensiFlex® clutches and brakes were created specifically for tension control. They incorporate design features which make them ideally suited for slip application conditions:
  • Exclusive, patented actuator engages smoothly at low pressures and provides maximum sensitivity to slight changes in air pressure for infinite control of torque output.
  • Radial cooling holes pull cooler, ambient air through the clutch or brake to dissipate the heat generated by constant slip, preventing friction lining fade and premature wear.
  • Separate models maximize heat dissipation in pilot input, shaft input, foot mount and braking applications.
  • Smoothness is assured through precision machined components, a single friction surface and a dual bearing pilot (clutch only) that minimizes deflection.

    The Mach III website features a video demonstration of the SensiFlex® clutch in operation.

    Mach III Clutch, Inc., for over 60 years, has designed and manufactured friction clutches, brakes and torque limiters for industrial power transmission. Mach III specializes in customized designs and works directly with OEM's, distributors and user customers. Mach III products are used in a wide array of industries including, narrow web converting, food processing, material handling, theme park attractions, packaging, and aerospace. The company is headquartered in Walton, KY in the Northern Kentucky-Greater Cincinnati Area.
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