Reduce Emissions and Odors with Shand & Jurs' Expanda-Seal

With reducing emissions having an increased importance, Shand & Jurs offers Expanda-Seal™ technology. Expanda-Seal™ is a patented seal on pressure relief devices that will significantly reduce emissions and odors in every process environment imaginable while also saving valuable product.

While industry standards have a tested leakage rate of 1 SCFH at 90% of set point, Shand & Jurs' Expanda-Seal™ pallets are tested to 0.5 SCFH or less at 95% of the set point, equating to 100% less vapor release. This uniquely designed seal uses internal vessel pressure to inflate the pallet gasket, which creates a tighter seal the closer the pressure gets to the set point.

Expanda-Seal™ is exclusive to Shand & Jurs and can be applied to virtually any of the Shand & Jurs' pressure devices including conservation vents, pressure relief vents, emergency vents, and the combination conservation vent and flame arresters.

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L&J Technologies product lines include L&J Engineering, Shand & Jurs (S&J), GPE, Omnitrol, and Delavan. L&J is a global manufacturer of tank level gauging and tank fitting equipment, control systems technology and related products. L&J is a manufacturer that prides itself on 90 plus years of supplying the industry with only the finest American Made components and equipment. Custom engineering services, reliable and innovative technology, a complete field service team, and a state of the art manufacturing facility help L&J to build productive relationships with customers, representatives and suppliers. L&J provides quality products for many industries, including Petroleum, Petrochemical, Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, Pipeline, Wastewater, Steel, and Water Treatment.

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