RedPrairie Integrates Warehouse and Fleet Solutions

Milwaukee, WI: RedPrairie Corp., a consumer-driven optimization company, has announced the integration of its recently acquired Fleet Management solution with its Warehouse Management suite, enabling distributors and other companies with dedicated fleets to seamlessly flow products from the shipping dock directly to their customers. It also efficiently processes returns, non-deliverables-especially critical in home delivery operations-and the disposition of reusable assets such as shipping containers, racks and totes.

Local distributors and retailers operating home delivery fleets have a different distribution model than manufacturers or other retailers. They have to synchronize their pick sequencing, packaging and staging with their fleet routing to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy throughout the process. They also need to dynamically deal with last minute changes such as when a customer isn't home, refuses an item, or returns a previous order.

The integrated solution can create both static routes based on local delivery schedules and dynamic routes based on each day's orders, with the ability to adapt those routes as events occur. The route/stop plan created is used by the Warehouse Management application to drive order processing, thus optimizing the distribution and fleet processes as well as the interaction between the two.

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