RedLink Transmitters and Receivers for Industrial Applications in Full Production

New Firecomms Optical Transceivers Compatible with Versatile Link Connectors

Cork, Ireland - Firecomms, a global leader in the provision of fiber optic solutions and optical transceivers, is delighted to announce full production and shipping of its new RedLink® line of fiber optic transmitters and receivers for the industrial command, control and communications markets.

Specifically designed to be compatible with Versatile Link connectors from Avago Technologies, the RedLink family of products includes transmitters and receivers which operate from DC-1 Mb, DC-5 Mb, DC-10 Mb and DC-50 Mb.

Firecomms puts its RedLink devices through thousands of hours of testing to guarantee extended lifetimes at high temperatures.  Due to the company's unique Resonant Cavity LED technology, which keeps the transmitters burning brightly after several decades, and the monolithic architecture of Firecomms fully integrated receivers, customers can design with confidence in the toughest of applications.

"Our customers' products operate in the harshest of environments and are regularly exposed to extremes of temperature, climate and electromagnetic interference," says Hsin Chia, Firecomms CEO.  "Not only must our devices operate within these harsh environments, they must operate effectively for many, many years.  We are delighted to hit this milestone which is a reflection of the thousands of hours our team has invested in meeting our customers' launch plans."

"Our new RedLink devices have been ordered by some of the world's largest industrial conglomerates for use in applications such as electric trains, high voltage grid stations, wind and solar energy converters, mining, oil and gas exploration and motor drives," says Hugh Hennessy, Firecomms VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing.  "We are pleased with the positive response we received to bring a reliable source to market and plan to build on these successful deployments with continued innovation and expansion of our RedLink portfolio."

Firecomms utilizes in-house photonics, and transmitter and receiver chips together with a world class internal production facility to guarantee the quality of its supply chain.  Its vertical integration around the core technologies used in fiber optic transceivers enables Firecomms to respond flexibly to customer demands while maintaining tight control of major cost drivers.

In addition to the RedLink family of products, Firecomms produces a range of integrated 100 Mbps to 500 Mbps transceivers in its innovative OptoLock and compact LC connector systems for higher speed communications links in the medical, industrial and consumer home networking markets.

About Firecomms Ltd.

Firecomms, a global leader in the provision of fiber optic solutions and optical transceivers, skillfully combines state-of-the-art compound and silicon semiconductor technology with inventive small-scale integration to develop products that drive communications networks in power and energy, industrial, transportation, medical and consumer markets.

A global multinational company, Firecomms is jointly headquartered in Cork, Ireland and Tongxiang, China with additional facilities in the USA, Japan and Southeast Asia.  To learn more about how Firecomms can help your business, please visit

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