Redesigned P&S GFCIS Exceed New UL Safety Standards

SYRACUSE, NY (Feb. 13, 2006) - Pass & Seymour/Legrand (P&S), a leading manufacturer of electrical wiring devices and home systems, introduced its fully redesigned GFCI product line today, in response to revisions to the UL 943 Safety Standard for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. The updated GFCIs actually exceed UL's requirements, making them the most durable GFCIs on the market.

The UL revisions, which take effect on July 28, 2006, require a GFCI to deny power if the receptacle face is miswired, and to either deny power or visually or audibly indicate when ground fault protection is lost. With P&S's SafeLock Protection, GFCIs deny power in either situation, ensuring better protection against electric shock. But, following its tradition of innovation, P&S didn't stop there.

"A surge is the number one failure mode for a GFCI, and UL requires GFCIs to withstand 20 3000A/6000V voltage surge test cycles," said Bill Timmons, P&S Marketing Manager - Residential Products. "Our GFCIs can survive 2,000 surge test cycles - 100 times the UL standard. P&S is truly committed to making its GFCIs the safest in the industry."

P&S GFCIs are also the only GFCIs that meet Federal Specification requirements, considered the quality standard for Commercial Receptacles and necessary for many government projects.

In addition to their exceptional safety features, the GFCIs are thinner than comparable products, allowing for easier installation. Each one has a shallow back body.

The P&S GFCI lineup includes: Auto-Ground, Tamper-Resistant, Illuminated, Switch/GFCI, Two Switch/GFCI and Nightlight/GFCI. Distributors can sell, and electrical contractors can install, "old-style" GFCIs until supplies run out.

P&S invented the first GFCI receptacle in 1971.

For more information about any GFCIs or the new UL standards, contact your P&S representative or visit .

Pass & Seymour/Legrand is a leading provider of electrical wiring devices, home systems and accessories in North America. For more information, call 1-800-223-4185 or visit

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