Red Lion's Data Management Tools Provide Bacnet® Support for Unmatched Connectivity in Building Automation and Control Applications

YORK, PA-July 25, 2008-Red Lion Controls, Inc. announces that its G3 Series HMIs, Modular Controller and Data Station Plus now offer support for BACnet®. Red Lion's advanced data management tools offer a powerful protocol conversion facility and data logging capabilities, along with three serial ports and a multiple-protocol Ethernet port. The addition of BACnet support allows these products to provide complete system integration and data transfer from any industrial protocol to and from BACnet, delivering unprecedented connectivity for a wide variety of building automation and control applications.

Red Lion's data management tools are compatible with BACnet MS/TP, BACnet 802.3 and BACnet UDP/IP protocols in master and slave modes to provide greater application flexibility using BACnet's non-proprietary communication standard. The embedded web server feature in G3 Series HMIs, the Modular Controller and the Data Station Plus allows users to access BACnet information remotely from a PC anywhere in the world, providing extensive monitoring and control capabilities and facilitating easier application troubleshooting.

"The G3 series HMI, Data Station and Modular Controller products allow disparate automation system components to communicate with one another, and Red Lion's Crimson(TM) 2.0 configuration software now offers BACnet support to further enhance these products' data management capabilities," said Jesse Benefiel, Red Lion product manager. "This BACnet compatibility makes the G3 Series, Modular Controller and Data Station Plus even more effective tools in building automation and control applications by allowing virtually any machine or process to be accessed via building automation networks."

Along with their multi-faceted data management capabilities, the G3, Modular Controller and Data Station Plus offer an integrated IT-ready data logger and alarm management system, allowing an email or text message to be sent notifying operators of critical system data or alerts in unmanned applications. All products utilize Red Lion's free Crimson 2.0 software, and G3 HMIs additionally offer a color touchscreen for local viewing of system data and status information.

Red Lion Controls, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial control solutions worldwide. Products include digital/analog control, monitoring and panel meters, PID control, human-machine interface panels, and signal conditioning.

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