Red 633 nm Laser Diode offers alternative to He-Ne gas lasers.

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Affording measurement speed, stability, and accuracy needed in biomedical and industrial applications, Oclaro HL63163DG delivers 100 mW single-transverse-mode optical output power at 633 nm in visible wavelength band. AlGaInP laser diode, supporting operation from -10 to +40°C, comes in 5.6 mm TO package with TE mode oscillation and draws 0.4 W of power. Operating current is 170 mA typ, threshold current is 70 mA typ, operating voltage is 2.6 V typ, and LD reverse voltage is 2 V.

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High Power 633nm Red Laser Diode Poised to Smash He-Ne Gas Laser Market

Uncompromising performance for biomedical, inspection and measurement markets

The Optoelectronics Company, a leading global manufacturer of innovative optoelectronic components and distributor of Oclaro laser diodes and Panasonic glass lenses, has announced the launch of the Oclaro HL63163DG: a tiny red laser diode that delivers 100mW single-transverse-mode optical output power at 633nm in the visible wavelength band.

The Oclaro HL63163DG presents system designers with a long-awaited and realistic alternative to large, expensive and wasteful He-Ne gas lasers. This diode is compact, both cost and energy-efficient and offers increased measurement speed, stability and accuracy, all the essential performance characteristics for biomedical and industrial applications, previously only achievable when using He-Ne gas lasers.

"We expect to see the HL63163DG laser cannibalise the He-Ne gas laser market as we have succeeded in reducing the size of the laser and lowering power consumption without compromising on the performance required by the biomedical, inspection and measurement markets," said Takayuki Kanno, President, Oclaro Japan and GM of the Modules and Devices Business Unit. "A semiconductor laser solution was long overdue and Oclaro was able to overcome the design challenges to produce a sophisticated and efficient laser diode capable of delivering a high power 633nm beam," he added.

Building on advancements in laser technologies, the HL63163DG AlGaInP laser diode was designed to operate at 100mW optical output in the 633nm wavelength band with a low power consumption of only 0.4W in a 5.6mm TO industry-standard package with TE mode oscillation. It has a low operating current of 170mA (typ.), threshold current of 70mA (typ.), operating voltage of 2.6V (typ.) and LD reverse voltage of 2V. Operating temperature is from -10 to +40 degrees Centigrade.

The Oclaro HL63163DG will be in full, volume production from January 2014. Please contact the Optoelectronics Company to request samples for testing.

Oclaro's high performance laser diodes are proven to consume a low operating current which extends battery life whilst maintaining the integrity of the laser diode power in a variety of applications such as inspection, measurement and biomedical applications and as a light source for optical equipment.

Oclaro high performance laser diodes are available from the Optoelectronics Company.


The Optoelectronics Company, founded in 2009 by Tony Pope and Damon Cookman, is a manufacturer of high performance custom-designed and standard laser diode modules and laser diode collimators and also an authorised distributor of innovative optoelectronic components, including Oclaro Laser Diodes and Panasonic Lenses, to industrial, medical, telecommunications and defence markets worldwide.

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