Recirculating Chillers have temperature/pressure alarms.

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Able to maintain process temperatures from -10 to +70°C with ±0.1°C stability, chillers incorporate digital pressure/flow rate display and user-settable temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms. Compact, portable units are available with ¼-1 hp compressors and can be equipped with centrifugal, positive displacement, or turbine pumps. They offer one-touch temperature control, ambient temperature tracking capability, and 9,889 BTU/hr heat removal.

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Recirculating Chillers Feature Temperature and Pressure/Flow Rate Readouts And Alarms

Digital Temperature and Pressure / Flow Rate Displays
Integral Pressure, Flow, and Temperature Alarms
Up to 9,889 BTU/Hour Heat Removal
Process Temperatures from -10° to up to +70°C
Quiet Operation

Niles, IL - The PolyScience line of Recirculating Chillers now incorporates several new and exclusive features, including a digital pressure/flow rate display and user-settable temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms. Designed to provide reliable cooling for a wide variety of industrial, laboratory, laser, and metalworking applications, PolyScience Chillers maintain process temperatures from -10° to up to +70°C with ±0.1°C stability and are available with ¼ to 1 HP compressors. For optimum versatility, each chiller can be equipped with the pump type - centrifugal, positive displacement, or turbine - best suited for the cooling application.

Compact, portable, and extremely robust, PolyScience Chillers combine dependable and efficient heat removal with advanced, user-friendly operation. Standard features include extra-large digital readouts, one-touch temperature control, high and low temperature alarms, pressure and flow rate alarms, and ambient temperature tracking capability. A DI water package and remote control capability are available as options. For ease of maintenance, each chiller is equipped with a quick-fill reservoir with fluid-level indicator, easy-access fluid filter, removable and washable air filter, and may be calibrated to a traceable temperature standard.

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About PolyScience - PolyScience is a leading manufacturer of refrigerating circulators, heating circulators, chillers, heat exchangers, water baths, and custom temperature control equipment for industrial and laboratory use. The company has been providing customers worldwide with precision temperature control equipment since 1963 and serves a diverse range of industries and science.

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