Reciprocating Drawer Oven Heats Felt Sheets for the Automotive Industry

Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured a gas-fired two (2) tier reciprocating drawer oven to heat felt sheets prior to molding for the automotive industry. The felt sheets are used by various automotive manufacturers for insulation in the floors, doors, and trunks of automobiles.

The industrial oven has a production rate of 58 parts per hour. One (1) felt sheet will be loaded on each oven tray. As one (1) tray enters the oven the other will exit so the trays are alternating inside the oven. The drawer oven has a design capacity, when preheated, to heat 766 pounds per hour of product from 21°C to 180°C. The customer also required temperature uniformity of +/-5° C at 180° C with a ten (10) point profile test (5 points per tray).

The oven trays are 6'7" wide x 4'7" long x 3'0" high. The maximum temperature rating is 260°C. The drawer oven is constructed with 4" thick tongue and groove panel assemblies and 20 gauge aluminized steel interiors and ductwork. The heating system features a 700,000 BTU per hour air heat burner including a motorized gas control valve, flame detector and flame relay with alarm horn. The recirculation system has a 7,500 CFM @ 10 HP belt driven blower and utilizes top down airflow.

The NEMA 12 control enclosure includes IEC style motor starters, push buttons, pilot lights and a Siemens PLC with an index timer and alarm. The temperature is controlled by a Eurotherm 3216 temperature controller with auto-tune. The equipment is CE compliant.

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