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Reaming Shell is engineered for extended lifespan.

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Mar 13, 2013 - Designed to achieve straighter boreholes while maximizing number of meters drilled, RSUMX™ features thermally stable diamond (TSD) pins on leading edge sized to maximize diamond volume in high wear zones. Size of active pad surface area and hardness of impregnated diamond matrix also lend to operational efficiency. Ground OD and use of 25/35 synthetic diamonds enhance wear resistance, maximizing life span. Design promotes directional control by stabilizing bit in borehole.

Boart Longyear - Stone Mountain, GA

Original Press Release

Boart Longyear Launches RSUMX Reaming Shell

Press release date: Mar 05, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY -- Boart Longyear ( - ASX: BLY), the world's leading integrated exploration drilling services, equipment and performance tooling provider, delivers the new RSUMX(TM) reaming shell to achieve straighter boreholes while maximizing the number of meters drilled. The RSUMX is designed to last longer than other leading reaming shells currently on the market.

Large thermally stable diamond (TSD) pins are on the leading edge of the RSUMX to maximize diamond volume in high wear zones. The RSUMX also features an increase of 40 percent in active pad surface area and a new patent-pending impregnated diamond matrix that is three times harder than previous reaming shells.

"Boart Longyear is striving for wireline tripping efficiency with our UMX(TM) products," said Chris Lambert, global product manager for Boart Longyear. "The best way to increase efficiency is to produce drilling products that can achieve more meters and stay in the borehole longer. By using the RSUMX, drilling contractors can become more productive by staying on target and keeping the hole to size."

The incorporation of the new matrix into the RSUMX provides improved strength and bonding. A ground outer diameter and the use of only 25/35 synthetic diamonds further enhance wear resistance, maximizing the life span of the RSUMX reaming shell.

The qualities of the RSUMX offer superior directional control by stabilizing the bit in the borehole while also increasing wear resistance -- which in turn decreases cost per meter. This has a positive effect on the productivity of drilling contractors.

Offered in reaming shell (R), and oversized (OS) sizes, the RSUMX is available in dual pad or stabilized 10" shell for better directional control.

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