Reaction Vessel is stirred with magnetic-drive mixer.

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PC Series pre-packaged system includes contamination-free, leakproof magnetic-drive mixers. Vessel also features support stand, bottom flush valve, drive motor, rupture disc assembly, pressure gage, full-body spiral-baffled heating jacket or electric mantle heater, cooling coil, thermowell, and sample tube. It is available in 5, 10 and 20 gal, making it suitable for pilot-scale research and batch testing of production processes.

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Pressure Products Industries, Inc. (PPI) Introduces New PC Series Stirred Reaction Vessel, Completely Integrated With a Magnetic-Drive Mixer

WARMINSTER, Pennsylvania - 14 November 2001 - Pressure Products Industries, Inc. (PPI) today introduced its PC Series Stirred Reaction Vessel, which is a complete pre-packaged system for pilot- scale chemical research. The new reactor includes a magnetic-drive mixer; yet, its price is comparable to ordinary reactors that are not equipped with contamination-free, leakproof magnetic-drive mixers. Traditionally, pilot-scale reactors are equipped with mechanical mixers, which are prone to contaminate the process materials and allow leakage into the atmosphere. It's well documented, however, that magnetic-drive mixers help to ensure process purity and safer plant working conditions. PPI's new PC Series Reactors integrate the reaction vessel, support stand, bottom flush valve, drive motor, rupture disc assembly, pressure gage, full-body spiral-baffled heating jacket or electric mantle heater, cooling coil, thermowell, sample tube, and reliable magnetic-drive mixer. PPI's Dyna/Maag magnetic-drive mixers have proven to operate flawlessly for more than 10,000 hours of continuous operation in heavy-duty applications and severe environments. Static seals assure that the Dyna/Maag provides leak-tight, non-contaminating operation. Robert Sutton from PPG Industries (headquartered in Springdale, PA) uses PPI's new PC Series Reactor for major research and development projects. "We chose PPI for its high-torque magnetic drive coupled to the reactor, and high-quality machining. The product was delivered on time, met our specs, and has operated problem-free for nearly a year," said Sutton. "Saving money while maintaining performance is every manufacturer's goal - now more than ever. We're helping customers do just that by introducing a high-quality reactor already equipped with the industry's most reliable magnetic-seal mixer. Pre-engineered reactor design options also add to the cost savings of our PC Series, " says Vince McCalley, PPI's Vice President of Technology. PPI is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of metal diaphragm compressors, magnetically driven mixers, laboratory pressure reactors, and high-pressure fluid handling instruments. Variety of Applications Available in vessel sizes of five, 10, and 20 gallons, the new reactors are designed for pilot-scale research and batch testing of production processes. The product is also constructed of 316-grade stainless steal for superior corrosion resistance in applications such as: * polymerization studies; * isomerization; * hydrogenation; * amination; * oxidation; and * dehydrogenation. Ease of Operations The PC Series Reactor cover is bolted directly to the stand for convenient opening and closing; all process connections are in the cover so no connections need to be broken when opening. For further ease of operation, a hydraulic raising and lowering mechanism carries the weight of the body when opening and closing, and allows the reactor to pivot out from beneath the stand for full access to the interior. Peter Stansberry, Research Professor at West Virginia University's College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, has been using the PC Series Reactor for just over a month. "A colleague uses a similar PPI reactor in a 1-gallon capacity and he recommended I call PPI. I love my five-gallon's ability to drop the reactor bottom automatically for easy access to the inside ., other reactors do not offer this," said Stansberry. "I work in coal liquefaction, where slurries inside the reactor get extremely thick. It requires a high-powered mixer. PPI's magnetic drive also offers all the torque I need plus the advantage of no contamination to my process." Pressure Products Industries, Inc. is an engineering-based company made up of experts in design, manufacture, and installation of diaphragm compressors and other specialty high-pressure laboratory instruments and process equipment worldwide. PPI's user list includes DuPont, Dow Chemical, Exxon Chemical, DSM, Mitsubishi Chemical, Mitsui, Chinese Petroleum, Sinopec, Air Products and Chemicals, Equistar, Al-Jubail Petrochemical, Reliance Industries, Air Liquide, Elf Acquitaine, and BP Research. The company's engineering and design groups develop and analyze each standard or custom product to assure optimum function, safety, and maintainability. PPI diaphragm compressors, reactors, pressure vessels, and related equipment have proven performance through years of trouble-free operation in laboratories, pilot plants, and production installations across various fields, including petrochemical processing, pharmaceutical research, polymer chemistry, and energy research.

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