RDS Dock Systems Leads The Way When It Comes To Floating Dock Parts

Franklin NH – RDS Dock Hardware (www.rdsdockhardware.com), the top maker of stationary and fresh water dock parts also has a complete line of industry leading floating dock parts.

RDS floating dock parts are constructed of heavy, durable cast aluminum. They don't rust or corrode like cast iron and galvanized floating dock hardware. "Floating docks have to accommodate changing tides and water levels, heavy tidal flows and other harsh challenges," said Chris Leuteritz, PE and the owner of RDS Dock Hardware. "One advantage we have over other makers of floating dock hardware is that we build and install docks all the time. Most floating dock hardware companies simply make the parts or import them from China."


According to Chris, building docks reveals challenges, which  leads to innovation , which leads to creative, more durable and more innovative dock parts. RDS also makes a line of extruded aluminum deck frames that are made to order with fully welded corners for added rigidity and durability. Because all RDS dock parts can be ordered direct from their website, it keeps costs lower and speeds delivery.

For more information about RDS floating dock hardware and other RDS dock parts, visit www.rdsdockhardware.com

About RDS Dock Hardware

Unlike other manufacturers of  dock hardware components who use cast iron or galvanized products, RDS Dock Hardware is produced from a solid aluminum casting manufactured out of the same alloy used by the U.S. Navy for use in marine and coastal environments.   The use of this alloy coupled with the extensive field experience that RDS possesses, translates directly into the quality and durability of their dock hardware, whether it's on a calm fresh water pond, or the powerful tides present in an ocean marina. RDS makes a complete line of floating and static dock hardware, including decking, framing and accessories. For information, visit http://www.rdsdockhardware.com

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