RCI Technologies Presents Line of Fuel Solidification Products

California-based fuel purifier manufacturer RCI Technologies introduces a range of fuel solidification products, which fall in line with RCI's green-certified products and the company's commitment to the responsible disposal of hazardous wastes generated through the cleaning of diesel fuels. These products convert hazardous hydrocarbon waste by-products into an inert, non-hazardous material safe for conventional waste disposal.

RCI's Hydrocarbon Waste Conversion Kit(TM) is used to convert hazardous fuel/water mixtures, generated from cleaning diesel fuel, into non-hazardous solids and clean water.

RCI also offers Oil-Bond(TM) particulate media, the Petro-Pipe®, the Petro-Plug® and the Petro-Box(TM). These products help prevent oil, fuel and other hydrocarbons from contaminating the water table and provide for safe and easy disposal of hydrocarbon-based wastes.

For spills, Oil-Bond absorbs and solidifies hydrocarbons, oils, solvents and fuels, locking them into an irreversible, rubberlike solid. It can be spread on hard and liquid surfaces for emergency use or routine cleanup.

The Petro-Pipe and Petro-Plug allow uncontaminated water to drain through the assemblies while filtering out oil sheen. They seal completely upon contact with oil. The Petro-Pipe is designed for areas with high water tables and poor drainage fields. The Petro-Plug is designed to fit into standard floor drains. Both are constructed from heavy-duty rigid PVC and have a removable cartridge that is replaced once water flow has been significantly reduced, as well as a pre-filter that separates debris from the oil-stopping media.

The Petro-Box is an option for RCI's FRS 660 Automatic Fuel Recirculating System(TM) and uses the same filtration method as the Petro-Pipe and Petro-Plug.
For more information on these and other RCI products, call (800) 868-2088 or visit www.rcitechnologies.com.

About RCI Technologies

RCI Technologies, founded in 1994, offers a complete line of diesel fuel purification products, which include the Universal Fuel Purifier(TM), the Portable Tank Cleaning Unit(TM) and the FRS 660 Automatic Fuel Recirculating System(TM). RCI's products are used by the marine, trucking, bus, railroad, service station, construction and agricultural industries, as well as government agencies.

RCI's fuel purifiers, which bear Green Clean Institute certification, utilize RCI's patented fuel purification technology, using no filters or moving parts. By removing 99.9 percent of water and up to 98 percent of dust, dirt and other natural contaminants found in all diesel fuel, RCI's products promote optimum fuel system efficiency and fuel economy, reduce engine down time and extend engine life.
For more information on RCI's products, visit www.rcitechnologies.com or call (800) 868-2088.

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