Rayotek Sight Windows Installs and Implements New ERP System

Rayotek Sight Windows has finished installation and implementation of E2 Shop System by Shoptech, its new Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, software.  Due to significant and continued growth Rayotek Sight Windows had outgrown its previous ERP system.  Shoptech is an upgrade to a more centralized, cohesive software system that can handle all current business and manufacturing functions, as well as support future growth.

ERP is a group of software applications including all aspects of manufacturing, -- estimating, resource scheduling, human resources, data collection, purchasing, shipping, financial accounting, sales, quality assurance, customer relations and other modules -- that integrate and automate business functions across all departments. This translates into a smooth and seamless flow of information within Rayotek Sight Windows, with benefits extending to customer and vendors: improving customer service and satisfaction, increasing sales, improving quality and on-time delivery and lowering costs.

Shoptech, based in Hartford, CT, is known as a leader in manufacturing software systems; the system was originally developed by Rich and Greg Ehemann in the 1980s. Through their love of computing and experience as manufacturers themselves, Rich and Greg discovered the key to growing their own manufacturing business was tracking the profitability of each job in their shop in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Shoptech now serves thousands of manufacturers across North America and has received numerous awards and recognition for its contribution to the technological innovations in Manufacturing Control. 

"Rayotek Sight Windows is excited to get up and running with a brand new system," said Mel Peterson, Operations Specialist. "We look forward to having a fully integrated ERP system to help us manage our entire operation. E2 will help us to keep up with our continued growth. It ties in nicely with our recent ISO re- certification.  We will now have a much improved infrastructure and the reporting tools needed to meet our commitments to our customers and suppliers."

About Rayotek Sight Windows.

Rayotek Sight Windows is the end result of a natural evolution of business and technology that began at the parent company, Rayotek Scientific, Inc. As an international leader in glass, sapphire and materials integration technology, Rayotek Scientific had received numerous requests to engineer and manufacture long lasting, high-end sight windows for hostile environments with rigorous requirements and safety restrictions.  Rayotek Sight Windows is unique in its extensive and diverse staff of engineers and technicians that understand, intimately, how sight windows work, and more importantly, how they will work with your application.  Rayotek Sight Windows is ISO 9001:2008 certified and offers extensive FEA, simulation, modeling and testing expertise to support the windows.

Rayotek Sight Windows

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Bill Raggio or his engineering team


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