Ratcheting Wrench is suited for automotive industry.

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Featuring all-metal construction with solid metal core, 3/8 in. drive Ratcheting UniDriver® can be set to 3 positions: ratchet clockwise, ratchet counter-clockwise, or neutral. Design is alternated, forward and back, to optimize turning output. When set in neutral, unit can be used with t-bar or ratchet wrench plugged into top. Product can loosen or tighten attachments with no danger of dropped sockets damaging machine or delaying its repair.

Original Press Release:

Link Introduces Second Three-Position Ratcheting UniDriver

LINK Tools, the global leader in hand tool innovation, is introducing a 3/8 inch drive three-position UniDriver®, joining its earlier introduction of a solid-core 1/4 inch drive tool that connects at both ends. The new Ratcheting UniDriver is expected to have broad appeal and predicted to be of particular interest to the automotive industry.

"We fully expect the LINK Ratcheting UniDriver to become the most universal hand tool sold," said John Davidson, CEO of Link Tools. Davidson added, "A LINK Tools UniDriver combines all the functions of a speeder, an extension bar, a screwdriver and a ratchet in one tool."

The new, all-metal Ratcheting UniDriver is a key addition to any toolbox because of its solid metal core and its ability to ratchet in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction or to be set to neutral. The Ratcheting UniDriver can loosen or tighten attachments rapidly, and because of LINK'S patented 'hand-to-work' promise, there's no danger of dropped sockets damaging a machine or delaying its repair.

When set in neutral, the LINK Ratcheting UniDriver can be used with a t-bar or ratchet wrench "plugged" into the top for greater torque. Free rotation of the solid shaft with the handle remaining in neutral means the Ratcheting UniDriver can be guided by the handle without any loss of torque while in use. This unique versatility in a single tool results in significantly greater efficiency, safety and economy.

In addition, when the ratchet wrench and the ratcheting UniDriver are alternated, forward and back, this achieves twice as much turning, doubling the output of LINK tools over conventional tools. Because of is solid core, the Ratcheting UniDriver has just as much strength as any 6" extension bar.

TUV, Europe's premier licensing organization said about its study of LINK Tools in the workplace: LINK Tools "clearly show a significant improvement in task performance of the drive tool system compared to conventional systems." LINK Tools have found wide acceptance in the aviation, automotive and nuclear industries, as well as by other professionals and even do-it-yourself tool users.

The 3/8" drive and the 1/4" drive for Ratcheting UniDrivers retail for $54.99 and $44.99 respectively. Each can be used with any high quality, branded socket. The Ratcheting UniDriver can be obtained with any of the LINK sets for a slight charge. LINK also offers a wide range of additional accessories which lock to each other and with all quality sockets.

LINK® and QUICK-LOCK(TM) are trademarks of LINK Tools International (U.S.A.), Inc. For additional information go to www.link-tools.com or call 1-888-727-LINK.

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