RapidVap® N2 Dry Evaporation Systems Offered by Terra Universal

Fullerton, CA – Evaporate samples for lab analysis using the efficient RapidVap N2 Dry Evaporation System manufactured by Labconco. The evaporator uses a gentle combination of heat, vortex motion and process gas, typically nitrogen, to quickly dry samples. Nitrogen is a common drying agent, and the stream of gas above the sample speeds-up evaporation.

RapidVap features a unique cooling block that allows users to program a drying end-point; once the moisture level is attained, the Cool-Zone™ block will insulate the sample, preventing further evaporation. An alert is sent so that lab personnel know the sample has reached the desired level. This walk-away operation permits technicians to perform other tasks, increasing lab efficiency.

Mechanical components of RapidVap are isolated within the housing, protecting them from vapors and fumes emanating from samples or solvents.  The sample chamber is made of aluminum, as are the sample blocks which are also coated with PTFE. A digital control pad with LCD display is used to program cycle speed, temperature, time, desired set-point and other options.

Eight groups of six ports accommodate up to 48 small samples, while a block holds up to eight large samples (of 450 ml each). Other RapidVap blocks carry samples ranging in size from 4.5 ml to 26 ml.

Laboratory-Equipment.com, a Terra Universal brand, offers hundreds of top-tier laboratory instruments and supplies. Learn more about the RapidVap N2 Dry Evaporation Systems from Labconco by visiting Laboratory-Equipment.com.

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