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Raman Process Analyzer operates in hazardous areas.

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Jan 27, 2014 - Combining Raman laser analysis with filter photometry, RPM View can rapidly analyze up to 8 components in liquid or gas phase process stream. Analyzer is designed to be installed at or near measurement point with minimal sample preparation. Pre-calibrated for each application, instrument requires no complex on-line chemometric modeling. With SpectraRTS software, RPM View provides complete analytical integration with sample interfacing, data reporting, diagnostics, and communications.


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Applied Instrument Technologies Introduces the RPM(TM) View Raman Process Analyzer

Press release date: Jan 21, 2014

UPLAND, Calif. -- Applied Instrument Technologies, Inc. (AIT), a leading manufacturer of multi-component process analyzers has announced the introduction of its model RPM View Raman Analyzer.

AIT's RPM View product represents the next evolution in process analyzers for the refining, petrochemical and chemical industries. Providing capabilities to rapidly analyze up to eight components in a liquid or gas phase process stream, the RPM View combines Raman laser analysis with filter photometry to provide the benefits of Raman in a more compact, lower cost system. The analyzer is designed to be installed at or near the measurement point with minimal sample preparation and is rated for hazardous area environments.

"The RPM View changes the dynamics of process analysis," said Joe LaConte, President of AIT. "It brings a much more cost effective approach in gaining the benefits of Raman at a fraction of the cost of traditional Raman spectrometers."

Pre-calibrated for each application, the RPM View analyzer requires no complex on-line chemometric modeling and is nearly maintenance free.  It is well suited for applications involving diatomic molecules such as H(2), N(2), Cl(2) and O(2), organic chemicals and aqueous solutions. Leveraging AIT's SpectraRTS operating software platform, the analyzer provides complete analytical integration with sample interfacing, data reporting, diagnostics and communications and it operates in headless mode eliminating the need for a connected computer.

"Leading companies utilizing process analytical tools continue to look for lower cost and less maintenance intensive solutions," said Robert Hegger, Vice President forAIT. "The RPM View provides those benefits with the advantage of multi-component real-time analysis."

Applied Instrument Technologies, Inc., with an installed base of over 2200 systems worldwide, is expert in manufacturing rugged and reliable process analyzers. Products include ANALECT(TM) FTIR/FT-NIR, FXI(TM) Gas Chromatographs, MGA(TM) Mass Spectrometers, PIONIR® dispersive near infrared and RPM(TM) Raman analyzers. AIT has earned recognition for providing high quality products with low maintenance costs.

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