Raman Probe supports food and polymer process analysis.

Press Release Summary:

When fitted to extruders employing industry standard ½–20 UNF fittings, Model RFP-435 enables Raman analysis of materials such as polymers and food products during extrusion. Probe features sapphire window, stainless steel construction, and proprietary welded window seal design. Employing interchangeable objective and filter assemblies, probe can be adapted to variety of sample types and operating conditions. 

Original Press Release:

Axiom Analytical, Inc. Announces a new Probe for Food and Polymer Process Analysis using Raman Spectroscopy

 TUSTIN, Calif., – Axiom Analytical, Inc. has announced the availability of its RFP-435 probe for the Raman analysis of materials such as polymers and food products during extrusion.  The new probe can be fitted to most extruders employing industry standard ½ - 20 UNF fittings. No extruder modifications are required. The extreme robustness of the RFP-435 probe is assured by the use of a sapphire window, stainless steel construction and Axiom’s proprietary welded window seal design.  The probe is compatible with the extremely high temperatures and pressures often encountered during polymer extrusion.

The RFP-435 is the latest member of the company’s RFP Series of Raman probes.  All of the probes in this series employ interchangeable objective and filter assemblies, allowing them to be easily adapted to a wide variety sample types and operating conditions.  Individual models are tailored for both small scale laboratory applications and full scale on-line process deployment. All of the probes can be coupled to diverse Raman analyzers using standard fiber-optic cables.

About Axiom Analytical, Inc

Axiom Analytical, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Dr. Mike Doyle and Norm Jennings, pioneers in the field of process FTIR spectroscopy. The Company’s mission is to develop and market the robust sampling equipment, software, and integrated systems required to fully realize the potential of vibrational spectroscopy for solving economically significant problems both in laboratory analysis and manufacturing processes.  The Company’s products are employed in diverse industries ranging from basic chemicals to pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and polymer processing. In short, the Company’s products are found wherever process analytical technology (PAT) is being applied. Its hardware products include ATR probes, transmission probes, diffuse reflectance probes, Raman probes, flow cells for gas and liquid analysis, and fiber-optic multiplexers. These cover the full range of molecular analysis including mid-IR, near-IR, UV-visible, and Raman spectroscopy.

More information about Axiom Analytical Inc. can be found at http://www.goaxiom.com/.

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