Rack-Mountable UPS delivers double conversion technology.

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UPStation® GXT2 6000 combines 6 kVA capacity and dual output voltage in 4U-sized cabinet. It converts incoming AC power to DC, and then back to AC, isolating protected equipment from incoming disturbances. Unit features dual inverter design for 240/120 or 208/120 output voltage, internal automatic and manual bypass, as well as self-diagnostics. Cabinet includes internal batteries with capacity to provide 5 min of run time at full load.

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Emerson Network Power Introduces the Highest Density Rack-Mountable UPS, the Liebert UPStation® GXT2 6000

240/120 VAC unit with 6kVA capacity in 4U-sized cabinet minimizes rack-space while delivering the superior performance of double conversion technology

COLUMBUS, OH, Oct. 30, 2003 -Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR), today announced the most densely power-packed rack-mountable UPS, the Liebert UPStation® GXT2 6000. The GXT2 6000 is the first UPS that combines 6kVA of capacity, true on-line double conversion technology, and dual output voltage in a 4U-sized cabinet, making it ideal for applications where power quality and availability requirements are high, but rack space is limited.

"Applications like high-speed network switches, e-commerce servers and voice over IP (VOIP) are creating the need to support ever-growing loads in shrinking space," said Rich Zajkowski, Liebert UPStation GXT product manager. "Our newest UPStation® GXT unit provides a compact solution without compromising the level of protection offered, setting a new standard in space-efficient design."

Like all products in the UPStation family, the UPStation GXT2 6000 is based on a true on-line, double conversion topology. Double conversion systems, which convert incoming AC power to DC, and then back to AC, isolate protected equipment from incoming disturbances, provide more consistent power quality, and rely less on batteries for power conditioning, extending battery life.

The UPStation GXT2 6000's dual inverter design provides the flexibility of 240/120 or 208/120 output voltage, allowing it to power a wide variety of equipment. The compact 4U cabinet includes internal batteries with the capacity to provide five minutes of run time at full load. Additional 2U battery cabinets can be added to increase battery capacity.

The UPStation GXT2 6000 also includes internal automatic and manual bypass as well as self-diagnostics to simplify maintenance and troubleshooting. While terminal blocks for hardwired input and output connections are included as standard, users can choose from several different wiring configuration and maintenance bypass options made possible by the use of removable power distribution boxes. The power distribution boxes plug into the rear of the UPS cabinet and provide complete wrap-around maintenance bypass in addition to hardwire or plug-n-play connectability.

Designed for use in either rack or tower configurations, the UPStation GX2 6000 is well suited for applications in the data center, on the plant floor or in telecommunications facilities.

GXT2 6000 product features:

- Flexible output voltage of 240/120 or 208/120 VAC

- Patented neutral bonding circuit prevents output neutral from floating above ground

- User replaceable, hot swappable internal batteries provide five minutes of runtime at full load

- Intellislot(TM) communications port for options such as Web-based monitoring

- Built-in serial communications for use with Liebert MultiLink(TM) Automated Shutdown Software

- Automatic detection of input voltage (240/120 or 208/120)

- Automatic detection of input frequency (60 or 50 Hz)

- Built-in closure signals for on battery, low battery, on battery shutdown and any mode shutdown

- Rear panel plug-n-play connection for additional battery cabinets

- Ships with Windowstm -based configuration program, allowing various operating parameters to be adjusted and tests to be scheduled

For more information about the Liebert UPStation GXT2-6000RT208 or any other Liebert products, visit www.liebert.com or call 1-800-877-9222.

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