Quiet, No-Maintenance Enclosure Cooling

Vortec's recently released Vortex A/CTM(TM) cooling system for electrical enclosures has now been approved for both side as well as top mounting on NEMA Type 4 and 4X rated electrical cabinets. The super quiet Vortex A/C is the all-new alternative to expensive air conditioners for below-ambient cooling. Just as quiet as an air conditioner (about 62 dBA), the UL-listed Vortex A/C noise level is 93% less than other conventional, vortex type cabinet coolers. Three models deliver 900, 1500 or 2500 BTUH of refrigeration, at a fraction of the size and cost of an air conditioner.

The patent pending design features an integral thermostat to maintain enclosure temperatures within a range of 80° to 90°F (27° to 32°C). Requiring only a compressed air supply to operate, the Vortex A/C quickly installs in a 1.5" knockout hole to keep electrical control panels cool, clean and protected. The "no-downtime", maintenance-free units incorporate vortex tube technology to convert filtered compressed air into a low pressure, refrigerated air stream distributed throughout the enclosure. Refrigerated air entering the cabinet provides a light positive purge to seal out contaminants, while hot air is expelled through a relief valve. Withstanding extreme conditions, the weatherproof, corrosion-resistant, Vortex A/C will provide reliable cooling operation in environments up to 175°F (79°C).

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