Quick Change Jaw System offers precision repositioning.

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Utilizing dovetail quick-clamps to hold machinable jaws, DoveLock™ Quick-Change Jaw System minimizes jaw change time to less than 1 minute while positioning jaw with repeatability up to ±0.001 in. Master jaw is attached to stationary and movable jaw of any standard 6 in. Kurt vises or Kurt Cluster Towers. Jaws can be flipped 180° and machined on both sides for 2 different part setups. Precision machined from 6061 aluminum, swappable jaws are available in 6, 7, 8, and 10 in. widths.

Original Press Release:

Kurt Workholding Introduces the New DoveLock(TM) Quick Change Jaw System That Reduces Jaw Change Time 90% and has Precise Jaw Position Repeatability

See It In Action At: http://youtu.be/sgnZCBFRGc0

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Kurt Workholding introduces their new DoveLock™ Quick-Change Jaw System. The patent pending DoveLock™ Quick-Change Jaw System allows jaws to be quickly changed out and repositioned with high precision. This system reduces jaw change time 90% to less than one minute while at the same time positioning the jaw with repeatability of up to ±0.001”. Unique to the DoveLock™ Quick-Change Jaw System, the machinable jaws can be flipped 180° and machined on both sides for two different part setups.

The DoveLock™ master jaw utilizes specially designed dovetail quick-clamps to precisely hold the quick-change machinable jaws. The master jaw is attached to the stationary and movable jaw of any standard 6” Kurt industry standard vises or Kurt Cluster Towers in the initial setup, it’s also available for Kurt Metric vises and cluster towers. Once the system is in place the machinable jaws can be easily swapped out by loosening the three quick-clamps on top of the  master jaw, then the machinable jaw is pulled out forward at an angle or slid out the side of the master jaw.

The DoveLock™ Quick-Change Jaw System’s swappable jaws are precision machined from 6061 aluminum (not extruded) to ensure highly precise and repeatable setups. Allowing the design of unique part profiles or steps DoveLock™ swappable jaws are easily machined, and can be machined on both sides of the jaw to allow for multiple setups on the same pair of jaws. The unique workstop located on the master jaw allows for quick and repeatable location of up to ±0.001”, without measuring. The swappable jaws are available in 6”, 7”, 8”, and 10” widths.

Kurt Workholding sells the system in two parts: a Master Jaw Set consists of two Master Jaws, four low head socket cap screws and a 5/32” hex “T” wrench. A Jaw set consists of two precision-machined aluminum machinable jaw plates.

The Kurt DoveLock™ Quick-Change Jaw System is a game changer for production facilities. It drastically reduces changeover time and ensures the precise repeatability that customers expect. The DoveLock™ Quick-Change Jaw System workstop ensures high repeatability even after the jaws have been stored which saves the cost of having to machine new jaws for every production order.

For more information and to order the DoveLock™ Quick-Change Jaw System visit: http://www.kurtworkholding.com/plates/systems-dovelock-quick-change-system-c-37_588_699-l-en.html

Kurt Manufacturing Company, Industrial Products Division, 9445 East River Road NW, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55433. In USA, Fax 1-877-226-7828. Outside USA, Fax 1-763-574-8313. 

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