Quatro Launches Structural Optimization for Composite Parts

Poway, CA (Feb. 9, 2007) - Quatro Composites introduced a new proprietary methodology designed to optimize the structural performance (weight, strength, stiffness, cost) of carbon fiber components. This advanced product development technology is being employed in the New Quatro Technical Development Center in Poway, CA.

Structural optimization combines state-of-the-art design capabilities with conventional finite element analysis (FEA). Structural performance is the design driver in the concept stage rather than later in the development process. This method uses mathematical techniques to produce an optimized shape and material distribution for a given loading condition and for a variety of material models, including composite structures.

This approach improves design performance and minimizes cost and material waste.

"The future is bright for our business," said Doug Roberts, Quatro's V.P. of Sales & Marketing. "The large scale airframe manufacturers have launched a metal-to-composite conversion initiative like the world has never seen. This unique tool has gained Quatro significant notoriety with the airframers. We are actively contributing to this global initiative by delivering structural composite hardware with failure prediction and 50% weight savings."

The New Quatro Technical Development Center in Poway employs nine degreed engineers that utilize the optimization technology in the design and development of carbon composite aerospace structures. Quatro currently specializes in a variety of markets including aerospace, medical, military & defense, sports and recreation, automotive, and wind energy.

Quatro Composites, a division of Tec Industries L.L.C, is an Iowa-based advanced composite manufacturer specializing in carbon fiber applications. Quatro manufactures and engineers products for the aerospace, medical, military & defense, sports and recreation, automotive and wind energy markets. The business operates in two locations, Orange City, Iowa, (Headquarters, Manufacturing & Distribution) and Poway, California (Manufacturing & Technical Development Center).

For further details regarding Quatro Composites, visit us at www.quatrocomposites.com.

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