Quadro Enters Partnership with Guelph Food Technology Centre

Quadro is proud to announce a new partnership with the Guelph, Ontario-based Guelph Food Technology Centre (GFTC) to put three new pieces of pilot-scale equipment at the disposal of the Centre.

"Developing a successful new food product is a risky venture, and carrying out experiments at a pilot-level scale can be a great savings in time, ingredients and frustration", explains Allen Mannen, GFTC's Pilot Plant Manager. "Testing smaller quantities makes it possible to iron out problems early, and Quadro's equipment will be invaluable in this process".

The equipment, which focuses on mixing and size reduction, includes the Quadro® Comil® which is used worldwide in a variety of food applications including reclaiming high-fat, sticky, scrap food products to deagglomerating, dry blending and sizing ingredients.

Also included is the low-shear, Quadro Ytron(TM) Jet Mixer with its pure axial flow pattern making it ideal for the gentle handling of shear-sensitive products such as functional ingredients and the Quadro Ytron(TM) ZC0 Pilot-Scale In-Line Powder Disperser, a versatile high-shear mixer having the ability to incorporate difficult-to-disperse powders in a single-pass and, with a simple change in tooling, becomes a high-shear emulsifier. In the powder disperser configuration, the ZC0 disperses powdered ingredients such as proteins and gums lump-free, at ambient temperatures. In the emulsifier configuration, the ZC0 offers improved "sheen", product texture, quality and shelf-life stability. "We are very proud to have formed an alliance with a world-class institution like GFTC" says Richard Franzke, Marketing Manager at Quadro. "Quadro's processing equipment is fully scalable, enabling solutions developed by GFTC on lab-scale equipment to be easily translated to full production. By combining GFTC's depth of knowledge and their established food manufacturing relationships with Quadro's cutting-edge technologies and vast application experience, clients can get real-world solutions to their processing needs".

For more information, please contact:
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