Quad Steer Carts travel in-line.

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Quad-Steer Carts are used in tugging situations where cart remains attached to tugger to deliver commodities in specific route. With all 4 wheels turning, radius of rear wheels follow front wheels, facilitating cornering. Regardless of number hitched together, all carts follow same track around corners. Featuring removable, self-locking sides, cart is available in many types and sizes including decks with shelves, roller conveyors, and top hats.

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Quad Steer Carts Travel In-Line

(Sturtevant Wisconsin) Topper Idustrial is a leader in design and manufacturing of material handling solutions.

Quad-Steer carts are used primarily in tugging situations where the cart remains attached to the tugger to deliver commodities in a specific route. With all four wheels turning, the radius of the rear wheels follow the front wheels, thereby creating better cornering. This also allows more carts to be tugged together because there is no drifting to the inside. Regardless of the number hitched together, they would all follow the same track around the corner.

Topper Industrial designed this new Quad-Steer Cart to be more durable, easier to maneuver, and lighter in weight. The durability means that performance is consistent, more dependable and requires less maintenance or repair. The lower weight and enhanced maneuverability means the Quad-Steer Cart is easier to tug, hitch, unhitch and park.

Meeting the needs of the parcel shipment industry is why these innovative product enhancements were developed. The versatile Quad-Steer Cart was designed with removable, self-locking sides requiring no fastners. The removal of the light-weight sides requires minimal effort.

The new Topper Quad-Steer Cart is available in many types and sizes including decks with shelves, roller conveyors, and top hats. The fast acceptance of these carts will mean widespread usage as more and more plants become fork-free.

The Topper Industrial Quad Steer cart has recently been recognized as a finalist in Plant Engineering's Product of the Year.

For more information please contact Jim Klenke at 1-800-529-0909 or visit www.topperindustrial.com

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