Quad Scissor Lift is suited for high-ceiling warehouses.

Press Release Summary:

Lift is capable of hoisting loads of up to 6,000 lbs in high-ceiling (up to 21 ft) warehouse storage applications. Unit has 48 x 96 in. platform, and table utilizes guide rollers that run within vertical channels from lower floor level to warehouse ceiling for stability. Pivot points incorporate chrome pins with lubricated-for-life, maintenance-free bearings. Also included are full-width leg hinge pins and Pentaflow hydraulic cylinder.

Original Press Release:

Pentalift Equipment Introduces Quad Scissor Lift For Use In High-Ceiling Warehouse Applications

September 2003 - Designed and engineered for the lifting and positioning of heavy loads in high-ceiling warehouse storage applications, a unique Quad Scissor Lift has been developed by Pentalift Equipment Corporation, Buffalo, NY.

The lift is capable of hoisting a 6,000 lb. load on a 48" x 96" platform to a height of 21 ft. To assure stability, Pentalift has equipped the table with guide rollers which run within vertical channels from the lower floor level to the warehouse ceiling.

According to the manufacturer, other special design features which ensure longer operating life and reduced maintenance include:

o all pivot points incorporate chrome pins with "lubricated-for-life" maintenance-free bearings;
o full-width leg hinge pins for added rigidity and stability;
o the exclusive Pentaflow Hydraulic Cylinder which is completely sealed and has all components continuously lubricated with fresh oil.

The first installation of Pentalift's Quad Scissor Lift has been completed in a frozen food processing plant where flash-frozen food is elevated/transferred to multiple storage levels in a freezer warehouse.

For information on the new Quad Scissor Lift, contact Pentalift Equipment Corporation, P. 0. Box 1510, Buffalo, NY 14240. Phone (519) 763-3625, Fax: (519) 763-2894, E-mail: lifttables@pentalift.com; Website: www.pentalift.com

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