QTof Mass Spectrometer accelerates laboratory workflow.

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Xevo(TM) quadrupole time-of-flight (QTof) mass spectrometer (MS) increases pace at which scientists can convert data into business-critical knowledge. Paired with ACQUITY® UltraPerformance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC®), exact mass MS/MS benchtop instrument provides UPLC/MSE performance. Full scan exact mass capability ensures generation of high-quality, information-rich, and reproducible data, while MassLynx(TM) informatics solutions aid complex data visualization and interpretation.

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Waters Introduces the Xevo QTof MS and Once Again Redefines Mass Spectrometry

Industry's Most Sensitive Benchtop QTof Mass Spectrometry System Accelerates Today's Laboratory Workflow with Unrivaled Performance and Simplicity

MILFORD, Mass., Jan. 12 -- Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) today introduced its Waters(R) Xevo(TM) quadrupole time-of-flight (QTof) mass spectrometer (MS), an exact mass MS/MS benchtop instrument that is the most sensitive benchtop QTof system ever. Aimed at transforming every stage of the analytical laboratory workflow, Xevo mass spectrometers are designed around the philosophy of Engineered Simplicity(TM) which combines outstanding instrument performance with simplicity of operation to enable scientists to convert data into business-critical knowledge faster and with greater assurance.

"Businesses and independent labs demand that mass spectrometry obtain clear answers to complex problems and that instruments can be operated by a wide range of scientists," said Brian Smith, Vice President, Mass Spectrometry Operations for the Waters Division. "Whilst the Xevo QTof offers an unparalleled combination of performance characteristics, it is the simplicity engineered into the Xevo QTof that challenges the notion that exact mass MS/MS has to be complex to deliver meaningful results."

Paired with Waters ACQUITY(R) UltraPerformance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC(R)), the Xevo QTof MS is the only commercially-available MS system to give scientists one-of-a-kind UPLC/MSE performance -- a novel, patented method of data acquisition that captures "all of the data all of the time" at unparalleled speeds to maximize the amount of information collected from minimal sample amounts.

With the Xevo QTof MS, Waters heeded the call for QTof technology that helps laboratories manage increasing demands.

"According to our customers, the effects of the world's economic, resource and globalization challenges are felt in the laboratories as much as any other part of an organization's mission-critical operations," said Smith. "These challenges put even greater burdens on labs to answer complex questions faster with greater confidence using fewer resources than ever before. Consequently, today's laboratory technology should be measured on its ability to improve lab productivity and decision-making if our customers are to be successful."

Waters Xevo QTof MS is currently shipping worldwide.

Waters QTof Technology Brings Simplicity to the Analytical Workflow

In 1996, Waters invention of QTof technology represented a huge leap forward in how samples are analyzed in the laboratory and in the amount of information available to scientists from a single MS/MS analysis. What once took weeks of analysis and data interpretation, could be done in minutes.

With the introduction of the Xevo QTof MS Waters is bringing intelligent engineering and new levels of simplicity and productivity to every step of the analytical workflow: Prepare, Analyze, Interpret and Decide.


Prior to testing samples, IntelliStart(TM) Technology automatically performs mass calibration, system checks, and monitors system performance to assure scientists that the instrument is operating at optimal performance levels.


The high performance, full scan exact mass capability of Xevo QTof MS ensures generation of high quality, information-rich, reproducible data.


While the quality of data captured is critical, data alone doesn't enhance laboratory productivity if it is not translated into meaningful information. Waters MassLynx(TM) informatics solutions offers scientists the unprecedented ability to visualize and interpret the most complex data automatically.


MassLynx Applications Managers play a critical role in quickly compiling clear, accessible and editable reports that can be shared throughout an organization ensuring crucial business or research decisions can be made with total confidence.

Waters to Debut Xevo QTof MS at WCBP 2009

Waters is exhibiting the Xevo QTof MS system for the first time at the WCBP 2009 Conference in San Francisco, January 12 - 14.

The Xevo QTof MS compliments the Xevo TQ MS tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer introduced by Waters at the American Society of Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) annual meeting in June of 2008. It was at this conference that Strategic Directions International's Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) newsletter acknowledged the Xevo TQ MS System as the Best New Product.

For More Information

For additional product information on Waters Xevo QTof MS, go to http://waters.com/xevo.

About Waters Corporation (http://www.waters.com/) Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) creates business advantage for laboratory-dependent organizations by delivering practical and sustainable innovation to enable significant advancements in such areas as healthcare delivery, environmental management, food safety, and water quality worldwide. Pioneering a connected portfolio of separations science, laboratory information management, mass spectrometry and thermal analysis, Waters technology breakthroughs and laboratory solutions provide an enduring platform for customer success.

With revenue of $1.47 billion in 2007 and 5,000 employees, Waters is driving scientific discovery and operational excellence for customers worldwide.

Waters, Xevo, ACQUITY, UPLC, MassLynx, Engineered Simplicity, and IntelliStart are trademarks of Waters Corporation.

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