QMetry Empowers Decision Makers by Embedding Jaspersoft Professional Business Intelligence

SAN FRANCISCO - QMetry, a leading provider of SaaS-based and on-premise Test Case Management solutions, today announced that it has embedded JasperReports Server Professional into its reporting and business intelligence (BI) engine. Jaspersoft BI software enables end users of QMetry to extract greater insights about the testing lifecycle. The joint solution also helps developers monitor the progress, volume, status and effectiveness of all testing activities.

Companies that rely on software to run their business now realize that quality assurance (QA) is not just about testing, but also about bringing efficiencies to the overall software development life cycle (SDLC). Test managers need to constantly monitor the progress of any test and be able to communicate that progress with other SDLC stakeholders via interactive reports. JasperReports Server Professional provides a flexible reporting platform and enables test managers to generate custom reports that convey testing progress to other team members.

QMetry leverages the Jaspersoft BI reporting platform to drive a rich set of reports that can be rendered in HTML (web), Excel, Word, Flash, CSV and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats. Team members can then view reports in real-time or receive them through pre-scheduled email distributions. For QMetry, Jaspersoft Business Intelligence was the obvious choice because of its flexible architecture and cost effective license subscriptions.

"After evaluating several analytics and BI solutions in the market, we selected Jaspersoft because of its proven flexible architecture," said Manish Mathuria, CTO of QMetry. "Jaspersoft gives us the ability to start small and grow our BI engine into a state-of-the-art, open source enterprise application as our business requirements grow. By using JasperReports Server Professional, our customers can now deploy and experience advanced and customized reporting. This has made QMetry's reporting engine one of the most popular and talked about features that differentiate us from our competition."

"We are excited to offer advanced reporting capabilities to QMetry's customers," said Jim Bell, Chief Marketing Officer of Jaspersoft. "Jaspersoft aims to be highly customizable to meet the unique needs of its diverse client base. We empower the next generation of BI builders - developers, IT professionals and business managers tasked with creating customized analytics and reporting solutions to embed within web applications - and it's great to see QMetry doing exactly this and deriving increased value from it."

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About QMetry

QMetry's Test Management solution is uniquely designed to improve the efficiency of Quality Assurance teams. QMetry enables testing teams to focus on testing activities by providing a zero maintenance platform. With its centralized test repository, QMetry makes it easy for team members to gather, organize, and share information for successfully meeting quality objectives. QMetry provides a complete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform by seamlessly integrating with best of the breed defect management and test automation tools.

QMetry's comprehensive test management platform has been conceptualized and designed by highly experienced test engineers who have a deep understanding of the exact needs and pain points of software QA teams of all sizes. QMetry has added over 100 clients in last two years, and was recently named Market Mover in software testing platforms market by the research firm Voke Inc. QMetry is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. For more information, visit www.QMetry.com or send an email to info@qmetry.com.

About Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft provides the most flexible, cost effective and widely deployed Business Intelligence suite in the world, enabling better decision making through highly interactive web-based reports, dashboards and analysis. Leveraging a commercial open source business model, Jaspersoft provides end-to-end BI capabilities at a fraction of the cost of other vendors. The BI suite includes pixel-perfect enterprise reporting, ad hoc query, dashboards, OLAP and in-memory analysis, and data integration. Jaspersoft is the only BI vendor that enables companies to adapt to the new, virtualized world by providing a complete spectrum of on-premise, multi-tenant SaaS and cloud-based deployment options for both embedded and standalone business intelligence. Unlike traditional BI vendors, Jaspersoft is built on a modern, lightweight, standards-based architecture and offers greater vendor independence thanks to its open source codebase. Unlike niche BI vendors, Jaspersoft represents a safe choice with tens of thousands of production deployments across a wide range of industries.

Jaspersoft's open source business intelligence software has more than 13 million product downloads worldwide, 160,000 production deployments and over 14,000 commercial customers in 100 countries. Its BI suite is advanced regularly by a development community of more than 200,000 registered members. For more information visit: www.jaspersoft.com and www.jasperforge.org.

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