PYROBAN® Enters North American Market

DATE: 01-07-2008

PYROBAN®, a global leader in explosion and environmental protection officially opened its doors in North America December 2007. Current market conditions along with the FM certification on their Gascheka(TM) and System-5000 product lines, prompted the Pyroban Group to enter the US and Canadian market place.

Pyroban provides explosion and environmental protection solutions for electric and internal combustion powered industrial equipment and vehicles. Their explosion prevention philosophy focuses on the removal of ignition sources found on industrial equipment. Pyroban services companies in chemicals, petro-chemicals, aviation, defense, pharmaceuticals, mining, offshore, material handling and all other industries where flammables are present during daily operations.

Gascheka(TM) is the first and only explosion protection system that offers real time gas and overheating detection with automatic equipment shutdown. Pyroban developed this new explosion and fire prevention system to protect non-rated equipment in presumably low risk explosion hazardous areas and to limit the ability to use non-rated and EE rated equipment in C1D1 hazardous environments. Gascheka(TM) will shut down equipment automatically when 20% LEL gas is registered. This equipment shutdown removes up to 80% of all potential equipment ignition sources when there is an accidental spill or a leak.

Gascheka(TM) is a great preventive measure for all areas where; equipment is (un)intentionally used in high risk explosion hazardous areas workers are forced to operate equipment in or in close proximity to potentially explosion hazardous areas outside contractors bring in equipment which is used onsite closed containers of flammable materials are handled in well ventilated dock operations

Gascheka(TM) is FM (Factory Mutual) certified for the use in Class 1, Division 2, Groups C&D explosion hazardous areas. Gascheka(TM) fits onto most electric and internal combustion powered industrial equipment and vehicles. This includes forklift trucks, cars, generators, cranes, scissor lifts, personnel transporters and many more.

For further information on the Gascheka(TM) or PYROBAN products, please contact:
Pyroban Corp.590 Bloomfield Ave.,Bloomfield, NJ 07003ph. 973-748-0760
fx. 973-842-0508e-mail: salesusa@pyroban.comweb: www.PYROBAN.COM

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