PWM Controller suits AMD mobile processors.

Press Release Summary:

FAN5240 2-phase, single-chip controller/driver meets requirements for VCORE power in AMD Athlon(TM) 4 and Duron(TM) processors. Output voltage is dynamically adjustable over range of 0.925-2.00 V by means of 5-bit VID DAC with controllable slew rate. Programmable Active Droop(TM) optimizes transient response. FAN5240 is available in 28-lead QSOP and TSSOP packages and is rated for operation over -10 to +85 deg C range.

Original Press Release:

Fairchild Semiconductor Announces Two-Phase PWM Controller For AMD Mobile Athlon(TM) And Duron(TM) Processors

San Jose, Calif.-May 1, 2002-Fairchild Semiconductor International (NYSE: FCS) today announced the release of the FAN5240, a two-phase PWM controller defined in cooperation with AMD. This new single-chip controller/driver meets the requirements for VCORE power in mobile AMD Athlon(TM) 4 and mobile AMD Duron(TM) processors. Providing a complete solution for the latest notebook PCs, the FAN5240 offers the features needed to achieve optimal performance at high efficiency over a wide load range. The output voltage is dynamically adjustable over the range of 0.925V-2.00V by means of a 5-bit VID DAC with a controllable slew rate to meet the specification for AMD PowerNow!(TM) technology.

"AMD is pleased to see the introduction of Fairchild's FAN5240 power delivery solution for our mobile AMD Athlon(TM) 4 and mobile AMD Duron(TM) processors," said Rex Meek, director of the Hardware Infrastructure Enablement Group at AMD.

Fairchild's FAN5240 not only meets the needs of current mobile AMD Athlon(TM) 4 and mobile AMD Duron(TM) processors with output currents of 24A, but designs capable of even higher currents also can be achieved. Output currents are balanced to maximize efficiency in the two-phase architecture and the device is internally compensated to reduce external component count.

Programmable Active Droop(TM) minimizes output capacitor requirements and optimizes transient response. Under light loads, the FAN5240 switches to variable a frequency, hysteretic mode to maximize efficiency. The IC implements all required protection and monitoring functions, such as programmable current limiting utilizing lossless power MOSFET sensing. Other protection features include a precision sense resistor, shutdown control, over-voltage protection, programmable soft start, thermal limiting, undervoltage lockout and a Power Good output. The FAN5240 is available in 28-lead QSOP and TSSOP packages and is rated for operation over the -10°C to +85°C range.

Price: US $2.97 (1000 pcs.)
Availability: Now
Lead-time: 7-8 weeks ARO

For more information, contact Fairchild Semiconductor's Customer Support Center at (888) 522-5372, fax (972) 910-8036, or visit Fairchild's website at

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