PVDF Vent Filter comes with stepped hose barb inlet/outlet.

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Designed for low volume venting and gas/solvent filtration in laboratory and research applications, Steridyne® 50 is 50 mm, 0.2 µm rated PVDF vent filter which can be used to filter up to 1 L of solvent or solvent-based aqueous liquids when pre-wet with alcohol. It can be gamma irradiated, is suited for venting TepoFlex(TM) biocontainers, and can be safely autoclaved up to 30 times. Each filter is identified with part number and heat stamped with lot number.

Original Press Release:

PVDF Vent Filter Now Available from Meissner

Meissner announces the availability of its new Steridyne® 50 filter - a 50 mm, PVDF, 0.2 µm-rated vent filter with stepped hose barb inlet/outlet. The Steridyne® 50 is an ideal filter for low volume venting, gas and solvent filtration.

The Steridyne® 50 was designed to be used as a vent filter. However, it can also be used to filter up to one liter of solvent or solvent-based liquids. When pre-wet with alcohol, Steridyne® 50 can be used to filter aqueous liquids.

Steridyne® 50 filters are designed for use in laboratory and research applications. The filters can be gamma irradiated and are ideal for venting TepoFlex(TM) biocontainers. The filters can also be safely autoclaved up to 30 times. Each Steridyne® 50 filter is identified with a part number and heat stamped with a lot number.

The Steridyne® 50 expands Meissner's existing family of Ultradyne® 50 PTFE vent filters. Meissner manufactures a complete line of 25 mm syringe filters, disc filters and holders, capsules, cartridges, UltraCap® and UltraCap® H.D. disposable fi lter assemblies, 316L stainless steel housings, Accufl ux® integrity test instruments, and TepoFlex(TM) biocontainers.

Meissner Technical Services (MTS) provides complete validation services, documentation and customer support to select, size, install and optimize filtration systems.

For more information, visit www.meissner.com, call 805-388-9911, or write: Meissner Filtration Products, Inc., 4181 Calle Tesoro, Camarillo, CA 93012.

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