PVC Pear Trays protect fruit during transport.

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Panta-Pak® trays feature individual thermoformed cups, which cradle each pear and prevent it from spinning or jostling during transport. Fruit is buoyed in tray, off bottom of box, for minimal box contact. Offered in 5 cavity counts, product measures 14 3/4 x 22 11/16 in. Able to accommodate overlapping fruit sizes, tray dimensions enable layering either in twos or threes, depending on outer container type. Products also suit non-agricultural applications.

Original Press Release:

New Panta-Pak® Pear Trays Offer Improved Protection

Lake Forest, Ill. (July 10, 2003)-Pactiv Corporation (NYSE: PTV) introduces the Panta-Pak® line of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) trays for pears.

Panta-Pak® pear trays feature individual thermoformed "cups" which cradle each pear and prevent it from spinning or jostling during transport. The innovative design incorporates a cup that contours the fruit better than others on the market. The unique cup walls add strength, which results in improved support for the fruit. Fruit is buoyed higher in the tray, off the bottom of the box, for less box contact. Additionally, more of the fruit is visible from above, resulting in a better display presentation.

The new Panta-Pak® Euro-style pear tray (14 ¾-inches long by 22 11/16-inches wide) is available in five different cavity counts and can accommodate the following pear sizes:

o DT20-60, 70, 80
o DT25-70, 80, 90
o DT30-90, 100, 110
o DT35-110, 120, 135
o DT 40-120, 135

The trays have been specifically designed to accommodate overlapping fruit sizes. Further, the number of different sized trays has been reduced from an industry standard of 15 to five. This gives the packer additional flexibility to minimize tray inventory and provides alternatives for looser or snugger fits depending on fruit characteristics.

The tray dimensions enable layering either in twos or threes, depending on the outer container type-a Euro-style plastic returnable containers (RPC) or corrugated box. At the retail level, a box is simply put in place and consumers select the fruit directly from the display.

With the industry taking a sharper look at shipping riper fruit, protection from the field to the consumer's table becomes even more critical. Pactiv's Panta-Pak® pear trays have been designed with optimum protection in mind.

Panta-Pak® pear trays are the latest addition to Pactiv Corp.'s full line of packaging products for agricultural applications. (These trays are also suitable for non-agricultural applications such as other food items, industrial parts, etc.) Additional products include Microfoam® polypropylene foam sheets which provide additional cushioning protection between fruit layers and EZ(TM) FruitMaster®, a line of molded fiber trays for apples.

Pactiv Corporation (NYSE: PTV) is a leading producer of specialty packaging products with sales of $2.9 billion and operations in 14 countries. Pactiv is a market leader in growth sectors of the packaging industry: Consumer Products, with the Hefty® brand; Foodservice/Food Packaging; and Protective and Flexible Packaging. For more information about Pactiv, visit the company's web site at www.pactiv.com.

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