PVC Elastomer Compounds are suited for EV charger cable.

Press Release Summary:

Intended for manufacturers of charger cable for electric vehicles (EVs), Flexalloy® 89504-90 is 90 Shore A formulation for insulation, and Flexalloy® 9610-78 is 78 Shore A formulation for jacketing. Materials respectively exhibit brittle points of -46 and -38°C and operate continuously in temperatures to 105°C. Able to be processed on standard PVC equipment, compounds are based on ultra high molecular weight PVC resin for toughness, abrasion resistance, and elastomeric resilience.

Original Press Release:

Tough New PVC Elastomers for Electric Vehicle Charger Cable Provide Cost-Effective Alternatives in Insulation and Jacketing

PAWTUCKET, RI, U.S.A.: Two Flexalloy® PVC elastomer compounds from Teknor Apex Company provide manufacturers of charger cable for electric vehicles (EVs) with more cost-effective alternatives to other elastomers in both insulation and jacketing, the company announced today. Teknor Apex will introduce the products at Wire China (Stand W1-C12).

The new compounds are Flexalloy 89504-90, a 90 Shore A formulation for insulation, and Flexalloy 9610-78 for jacketing, with Shore A hardness of 78. The materials exhibit brittle points of -46 and -38 ºC, respectively, and are both rated for a maximum continuous operating temperature of 105 ºC. [Typical physical, electrical, and flame properties appear in the accompanying table.]

Unlike standard flexible vinyl, Flexalloy compounds are based on ultra high molecular weight PVC resin. They exhibit improved toughness, abrasion resistance, and low temperature properties and provide elastomeric resilience and resistance to compression set, according to Mike Patel, wire and cable industry manager for the Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex. The compounds can be processed on standard PVC equipment.

"Teknor Apex developed these two new Flexalloy products especially to meet the requirements of UL Type EVE for the high production volumes and rugged end use performance posed by EV charger cable," said Patel. "They provide cost-effective alternatives to premium-priced elastomers such as TPUs."

The VINYL DIVISION of Teknor Apex Company is a leading manufacturer of compounds based on PVC, including Apex® flexible and rigid vinyl, Flexalloy® vinyl elastomers, and Fireguard® low-flame, low-smoke compounds for wire and cable. Headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, U.S.A., the Division manufactures compounds in the U.S., Singapore, and China and is an international supplier to the appliance, automotive, construction, medical device, wire and cable, and other industries. Visit www.teknorapex.com.

TEKNOR APEX ASIA PACIFIC Pte Ltd., a unit of Teknor Apex Company, is a leading supplier of thermoplastic compounds and masterbatches in the Asia-Pacific region. With a history going back to 1969 under the earlier name Singapore Polymer Corporation, Teknor Apex Asia Pacific operates compounding facilities in Singapore and Suzhou, China, supplying both locally-developed products and compounds developed in the U.S. that are compliant with Western codes and standards. The company is headquartered at 41 Shipyard Road, Singapore 628134. Tel: 65-6265-2544. Fax: 65-6265-1821. Email: asia@teknorapex.com. Visit the web site: www.teknorapex.asia.

READER INQUIRY INFORMATION: Address all mail inquiries to Teknor Apex, 505 Central Avenue, Pawtucket, RI 02861 U.S.A. Tel: 1-401-725-8000. Tel. from U.S. only: 1-800-554-9892. Fax: 1-401-729-0166. E-mail: wirecable@teknorapex.com.

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