PV Tracker points panels at sun from sunrise to sunset.

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Utilizing heliostat technology, PV Tracker can hold up to 200 W of solar PV panels. Dual-axis active solar tracker is self-powered with onboard solar cells, and entirely self-contained with all sensors, computers, and geared motors onboard. Bend-don't-break technology allows system to weather-vane in wind should excessive wind speeds occur. With PV Tracker, panels can perform at maximum efficiency and can therefore increase energy output by up to 100%.

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Wikoda, Inc., the Green Freedom Company, Overcomes Major Photovoltaic Industry Challenge with New PV Tracker

WEST CONCORD, Mass., -- A cost effective solution has finally been developed that solves one of the photovoltaic (PV) industry's longest running problems--the sun keeps moving!  The sun's movement across the sky, daily and seasonally, means that ordinary static PV panels only operate at a fraction of their theoretical efficiency.  Research has shown that a PV panel mounted on a sun tracker that continuously points the PV panel directly into the sun's rays throughout the day utilizes more of its energy potential than a static PV panel.

Wikoda, Inc. is revolutionizing the tracker space by producing the first and only PV Tracker that is cost effective and affordable for home users.  By utilizing their already successful heliostat technology introduced earlier this year, Wikoda has created a PV tracker that sells for $349 and can hold up to 200Watts of solar PV panels.

The PV Tracker is a dual axis active solar tracker that's capable of tracking the sun from sunrise to sunset.  Combining PV panels with the PV Tracker insures that the panels can perform at maximum efficiency and can therefore increase the energy output of the panels by as much as 100%.  It's easy to install, simple to operate, and requires minimal maintenance.

Part of the solution includes Wikoda's "bend-don't-break" technology that allows the PV Tracker to weather-vane in the wind should excessive wind speeds occur.  Another key feature: the tracker is entirely self-contained and self-powered, which makes the PV Tracker affordable and easy to install.  All of the sensors, computers, and geared motors are housed onboard, making the PV Tracker out-of-the-box ready to start tracking the sun.  There's no external programming required.  The PV Tracker is also completely self-powered with onboard solar cells; there are no batteries or power cords.

Users simply mount two solar panels (not included) onto the PV Tracker and it is ready to go.  The combined weight of both panels can be about 30 lbs., which allows for a total of 100-200Watts of solar panels depending on manufacturer.

Wikoda Inc. was founded in 2009 by two seasoned entrepreneurs who wanted to provide affordable and truly green solar powered technology.  Their mission is to provide viable means with which anyone can achieve more than just a green lifestyle, but green freedom.


Cara Shorey

Wikoda, Inc.

(978) 610-6492

52 Bradford St.

Concord, MA 01742


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