PurThread Technologies Partners with Beacon Linens to Provide Durable Antimicrobial Protection to Healthcare and Household Bed Linens

PurThread's Protective Yarns Will Yield Antimicrobial Benefits to Makers of Patent-Pending Beacon Linens Sheets

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – PurThread Technologies, Inc., maker of next generation antimicrobial fibers and yarns, announces a partnership with Beacon Linens to provide antimicrobial and anti-odor protection to the North Carolina-based developer and manufacturer of Simple-Fit woven sheets for healthcare and for the home.  

"Partnering with PurThread is the obvious next step for us, as we look to create linens that work harder to make our customers' lives easier. The high performance and durability of PurThread's antimicrobial protection will add another valuable and hard-working feature to our linen lines for healthcare and for the home," said Tedd Smith, President of Beacon Linens.  "We both offer extremely long lasting benefits, so this is a perfect fit." 

The foundation of this partnership is PurThread's silver-embedded yarn, which was recently shown in a study by the University of Arizona to kill 99.9 percent of MRSA, CRE, VRE, P. acnes, T. Menta and other harmful bacteria and fungi on its surface within two hours of contact. The silver, a safe, non-nano ionic silver salt, is EPA registered, and will provide Beacon Linens products made with PurThread with highly effective and durable antimicrobial and anti-odor protection.

PurThread is the first to embed silver into the fiber itself before it is spun into yarn and woven into fabrics. This novel technology yields intrinsic antimicrobial benefits that don't wash off or wear away for the life of the fabric or change the fabric's physical characteristics.

"Working with Beacon Linens is a natural fit for us," said Lisa Grimes, CEO of PurThread. "We were originally founded with the goal to bring matchless antimicrobial protection to healthcare textiles, and we're thrilled for the opportunity to work with our North Carolina neighbors to do that with the added bonus that consumers can take advantage of that protection, too." 

Developed with manufacturers like Beacon Linens in mind, PurThread's technologies will integrate seamlessly with their manufacturing process. For more information about the antimicrobial effectiveness of silver-embedded fabrics or PurThread Technologies, Inc., please visit www.purthread.com.

About PurThread

PurThread Technologies, Inc. embeds powerful EPA-registered silver into the core of fiber to offer partners unmatched antimicrobial protection with enhanced performance for their textile products. PurThread yarns intrinsically protect fabrics from the effects of microbial contamination and reduce odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. PurThread protects a wide range of consumer, industrial and healthcare products from privacy curtains, scrubs and lab coats, to freshness products, such as performance athletic wear, socks and gear for emergency first responders and the military. The EPA has not yet reviewed any public health claims for PurThread. PurThread yarns are 100% Made in the USA. For more information, visit www.purthread.com.

About Beacon Linens

In 2013, North Carolina-based Beacon Linens received patent-pending status for its Beacon Linens pocket design for healthcare, hospitality, and home bed linens. The quality, long-lasting product features enhance the value of PurThread Technology. In healthcare, for example, the Beacon products out last the competition by three to five times.


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PurThread Technologies, Inc.

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