Purification System purifies oil and removes varnish.

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Suited for hydraulic and lubricating oil used in industrial machinery, LR-Series sub-micron purification system features Balanced Charge Purification technology and is capable of purifying at flow rates from 30-150 gph. It conditions fluid by passing it through electrodes that charge particles, positively and negatively, until net charge is balanced. Filters collect groups of attracted particles, eliminating contaminants that create varnish and sludge.

Original Press Release:

ISOPur Introduces Oil Purification & Varnish Removal System for Wide Range of Industrial Applications

Ideal for mission-critical equipment requiring hydraulic fluids and lubricating and machining oils

Rocky Hill, CT - The ISOPur LR-Series is a patented, sub-micron purification system for hydraulic and lubricating oil used in high-performance, mission-critical industrial machinery. The unit is capable of purifying at flow rates ranging from 30 to 150 gallons per hour.

The LR-Series features ISOPur's patented Balanced Charge Purification (BCP) technology, proven at delivering a level of fluid purity unattainable by conventional filtration or centrifugal systems. By purifying fluids to a sub-micron level, ISOPur's technology eliminates the adhesive or hard particles that create varnish and sludge. Over time, this damaging contamination builds up in servo valves, control valves, bearings, metering orifices, regulators, and seals. The BCP technology will reduce and ultimately remove this varnish buildup from machine internals. BCP accomplishes this level of ultra-fine purification while maintaining fluid lubricity and reducing dissolved water content, without affecting additives.

The LR-Series can provide a dramatic return on investment by improving plant uptime, reducing maintenance costs, extending the life of expensive capital equipment, and reducing fluid consumption and waste disposal. "The LR-Series transforms lubricating oil from a commodity and liability into a capital asset that can be used again and again without replacement," noted Gerald L. (Gerry) Munson, Chief Technology Officer for ISOPur Fluid Technologies.

ISOPur's LR-Series units remove solid contaminants, including products of oxidation, from any non-conducting fluids. In addition to hydraulic and lubricating oil, ISOPur's technology has proven effective on cutting/machining oils, phosphate esters, and vegetable oil. It removes contaminants of many varieties, including sub-micron particles, products of oxidation, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and bacteria.

Among the industries and markets for which ISOPur's LR-Series has been proven ideal are power generation, transformers/tap changers, pulp and paper, plastic extrusion, marine, primary metals, general manufacturing, machine tools, and food processing.

"Sludge and varnish are often the sources of failure in critical machinery. Contamination within servo valves and bearings often result in costly equipment downtime, higher repair and maintenance costs, and lost production," said Munson.

"By removing sub-micron particles within the fluid, issues involving stuck servo valves and bearing erosion are eliminated. Field tests in a range of industrial applications have shown that the LR-Series is delivering substantially improved oil quality," explained Munson.

How the system works:
ISOPur's patented BCP technology conditions the fluid by passing it through a series of electrodes that carefully charge particles, both positively and negatively, until the net charge is balanced. As charged particles mix, they attract and grow in size, making for easy removal using filter cartridges. BCP is a revolutionary technology because of its effectiveness on sub-micron particles that would otherwise pass freely through premium filters.

"Manufacturers and plant operators no longer have to be concerned with issues relating to small particle contamination, internal deposits, varnish and sludge. What's more, they will find that ISOPur's BCP technology keeps hydraulic fluids and lubricating and machining oils like new, year after year, without replacement," said Munson.

For additional information about the LR-Series and other ISOPur patented industrial fluid cleaning technology solutions visit www.isopurfluid.com, call toll-free at (888) 270-9889, or email info@isopurfluid.com. ISOPur is based at 70 Inwood Road, Rocky Hill, CT 06067 with offices in Lucca, Italy, Shanghai, China and Norderstedt, Germany, and a worldwide distribution network.

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