Punching Tool produces cuts at punching machines speeds.

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Multishear includes tooling, software, and programming methods to make it possible to punch sheet metal up to 0.120 in. and stainless steel without overlap or nibble marks. Product is composed of rectangular punch, alignment ring, stripper, and die with exchangeable cutting blades and integrated die plate. Suited for slitting cuts, tool can be positioned to punch at any angle.

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New Tool's High-Quality Cut Multi-plies Punching Efficiency

TRUMPF Multishear tool reduces the need for secondary operations

FARMINGTON, Conn., February 5, 2003 - The TRUMPF Tooling department today announced the availability of an innovative new punching tool set, the TRUMPF Multishear. Designed to reduce the need for secondary manufacturing operations, the new Multishear punching tool gives fabricators the ability to produce a high-quality cut at fast, punching machines speeds.

"The TRUMPF Multishear tool is changing the way fabricators look at their punching machines," explains Mike Morissette, TRUMPF Inc. punch product manager. "It gives fabricators the ability to produce a high-quality edge cut at the speeds for which punching machines are so well-known. "

The hallmark of the Multishear punching tool is a smooth, shear-edge quality cut. A combination of new tooling, software and programming method make it possible to punch sheet metal up to 0.120 inches (mild steel) and stainless steel, without overlap or unsightly nibble marks.

"Manufacturers can now enjoy all the benefits of punching technology with the added advantage of a high-quality edge," says Morissette. "This is especially important for manufacturers such as those in the food service industry who make parts with visible edges,

The TRUMPF Multishear tool achieves an excellent edge quality on both outside and inside contours, along any visible edges, and is ideal for common slitting cuts. Typical shearing processes limit cuts to those made in 90-degree angles. In contrast, the Multishear tool can be positioned to punch at any angle and allows for more creative design, while maintaining speed and a high-quality edge.

The Multishear tool is composed of a rectangular punch, alignment ring with tight tolerances, special stripper, and a die with exchangeable cutting blades and integrated die plate. The Multishear operation involves a continuous shearing process where the resulting chip is cut off beneath the sheet level. The machine table movement of cutting forward and back creates a slug that is removed beneath the base part material. As a result of the process, the chip is severed without marring the cutting edge in any way.

The Multishear tool is one of the latest innovations in a long line of TRUMPF tooling. Currently more than 1,000 different types of punching tools are in stock at TRUMPF's Farmington, Connecticut facility.

To purchase the Multishear or other TRUMPF punch tooling, please contact the order department at 1-800-724-8753.

For more information on how punching innovations can help manufacturers consolidate processing operations and production, please contact Mike Morissette, punch product manager at 860-255-6036 or mike.morissette@us.trumpf.com

TRUMPF is one of the world's largest producers of fabricating machinery and a world market leader in lasers used for industrial production technology. More information is available at: www.us.trumpf.com

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