Pump Selection Software offers life cycle cost estimator.

Press Release Summary:

ESP-PLUS® v3.1 includes feature that calculates life cycle cost using discount rate, tax, depreciation, estimated energy prices, operation, and maintenance costs. Glycol Wizard leads engineers through process to determine effects of addition of glycol to water based systems. Wizard accounts for changes in flow rate, additional friction loss in piping, and pumping horsepower. Software also includes option that selects optimum motor for pump.

Original Press Release:

Bell & Gossett Announces New, Enhanced Version of ESP-PLUS® Pump Selection Software

Morton Grove, Illinois... September 22, 2003 - Bell & Gossett has announced the availability of the latest version (3.1) of its popular ESP-PLUS® pump selection software that now features a new Life Cycle Cost Estimator, a Glycol Wizard tool, and an Optimized Motor Selection option.

Easy and simple to use, ESP-PLUS contains new tools designed to save the engineer's time, simplify their selections, and increase pump selection accuracy.

Engineering enhancements include:

· Life Cycle Cost Estimator - a comprehensive tool that's incorporated into the cost analysis section. Life Cycle Cost and Payback are calculated using the discount rate, tax, depreciation, estimated increases in energy prices, operation and maintenance costs.

· Glycol Wizard - an innovative tool that takes the engineer through a step-by-step process to determine the effects of the addition of glycol (ethylene or propylene) to water based systems. The Wizard accounts for changes in:

1) Flow rate due to change in the specific heat of the fluid;

2) Additional friction loss in piping due to change in viscosity;

3) Pumping horsepower due increased friction losses within the pump due to change in viscosity and flow rate.

· ESP-Optimized Motor selection - this option uses a set of rules to select the optimum motor for a pump. The rules take into consideration factors such as non-overloading horsepower/nominal motor size, operating horsepower and pump configuration. Fuzzy logic is employed to mimic the process an engineer would follow when choosing a motor.

Existing ESP-PLUS users can update their standalone programs using the built-in update feature. This feature is activated from the "Internet/Check for Updates" menu on the main screen of the program. Users should contact their local Bell & Gossett Representative for assistance. All new users will automatically receive this enhanced pump selection program in the ESP-PLUS package.

The on-line version of the Bell & Gossett pump selection program is also being updated to include identical features of the stand-alone program. Registered users can access the pump selection program at www.bellgossett.com.

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Bell & Gossett, a unit of ITT Industries, is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, hydronic specialties, heat exchangers, condensate handling equipment, and packaged systems for variable and constant speed pumping, heat transfer and pressure boosting. For more information contact Bell & Gossett: 8200 N. Austin Avenue, Morton Grove, IL 60053; phone 847/966-3700; fax 847/966-9052; or visit www.bellgossett.com.

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