Pump Life Cycle Cost Calculator

What does a pump cost over its lifetime? Use Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions' online calculator to quickly estimate the total life cycle cost for one or more pumps. Simply input your data including initial pump costs, installation costs and annual recurring costs such as maintenance. The calculator will take into account the energy costs in your state and generate an analysis including pie chart of the total life cycle costs. Generate your results by visiting www.mp-gps.com/products/pump-life-cycle-cost-calculator.

For further information, contact Gennaro A. D'Alterio, Vice President/General Manager, Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions-Fybroc, 700 Emlen Way, Telford, PA 18969; Telephone: 215-723-8155; E-mail: info@mp-gps.com, Website: www.mp-gps.com

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