Pull Station accelerates emergency response in medical facilities.

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Complementing physical security systems, BluePoint Medical directly alerts medical response teams when people require emergency medical attention. Occupants can activate this pull station to instantly notify first responders and building occupants of emergency situation. Use of secure 900 MHz wireless network, dedicated to response alerts, is independent of other building systems and covers entire building/campus as well as surrounding areas.

Original Press Release:

BluePoint Introduces Rapid Emergency Response System to Speed Medical Response Times for Improved Patient Outcomes and Greater Savings for Medical Facilities

BluePoint is leading the move by organizations to make rapid response by law enforcement - and now medical teams - faster, easier and cost-effective

CHICAGO -- BluePoint Alert Solutions (http://www.bluepointalert.com/), the leader in Rapid Emergency Response Systems (RERS), today announced BluePoint Medical, a new pull-station system designed to directly alert medical response teams when people are requiring emergency medical attention. The system works similar to the BluePoint integrated safety system that speeds response times of law enforcement/first responders and notifies building occupants when life-threatening incidents occur. Similar to a standard "fire alarm," occupants can activate a BluePoint pull station and instantly notify first responders and building occupants of an emergency situation to expedite a rapid response. BluePoint complements physical security systems and addresses the growing need to speed response times when an organization's most valuable asset - its people - are in harm's way.

"Many industry studies show that shortened response times for medical emergencies not only result in better medical outcomes, but lower costs for organizations that take measures to ensure first responders are quickly alerted in times of need," said John McNutt, co-founder and CEO for BluePoint. "We are pleased to build on the success of the BluePoint pull stations for law enforcement with a new system that is dedicated to improving the health and safety of students, employees and visitors in a range of environments, from schools and libraries to corporate campuses and manufacturing."

BluePoint uses a highly secure 900 MHz wireless network that is completely dedicated to response alerts and is independent of other building systems. The wireless system covers an entire building or campus, plus any surrounding areas (parking lots, fields, garages, etc.). In its medical alert application, once a wearable mobile device or pull station is activated, an alert from monitoring partner EMERgency24 is immediately sent to local first responders with the building address.  Useful and intuitive incident location data from the pull-stations is transmitted with dynamic facility layout formatting using Visual Point Identification (VPI) technology that rapidly conveys locations to first responders. At the same time, designated building occupants, such as managers, HR leaders or those trained in first aid, are instantly notified to take action and precautions through phone systems, texts and emails, as well as blue strobe lights inside and outside the building.

For very large buildings that have multiple entry points, like manufacturing facilities or retail malls, a single exterior strobe at the entrance closest to the incident is activated. Responding paramedics - guided by the VPI graphical layout information - can then look for and immediately head to the flashing strobe light knowing this entry point will lead them to the medical emergency quickly. The system also can send designated building occupants, security professionals and administrators a text and/or email notification, as well as voice calls with pertinent data. This automation not only helps panicked personnel act swiftly, but also reduces the response time of both paramedics and building occupants.

"BluePoint is dedicated and focused on reducing response times for law enforcement and medical first responders through our first-to-market system that is being adopted heavily within the education sector," said BluePoint's co-founder and CMO, John Shales. "Because response time matters as much for medical emergencies as it does for armed intruder events, more organizations are looking at solutions that protect people in a medical emergency with the same vigilance as they are protected in a police emergency."

The BluePoint Rapid Emergency Response System is available now directly from BluePoint and its partner network. For more information please visit: (www.bluepointalert.com).

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About BluePoint

BluePoint Alert Solutions was founded with a very specific goal - to help speed the response times of police and other first-responders in the event of an active shooter or other emergency situation where lives are at stake. It is first-to-market with a dedicated Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS) that acts like and is as intuitive as a standard "fire alarm" - but is focused on alerting police/emergency responders and school/building occupants to potential danger. BluePoint is initially focusing on education institutions, yet the need and interest within other facility/campus-type environments is leading to expansion. For more information please visit (www.bluepointalert.com).


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