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Puck Washer accelerates safe, clean handling.

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Nov 11, 2010 - Designed to replace manual washing processes, Automated Puck Washer enables CPG manufacturers to wash pucks used on filling lines and helps prevent subsequent transfer of dirt to product. It features 4-cycle process (pre-wash, wash, rinse, and dry) as well as additional features that directly address customer requirements for modular solutions that save production time while protecting employees from repeated exposure to chemicals.

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Original Press Release

Simplimatic Offers Faster, Safer Handling with Puck Washer

Press release date: Nov 01, 2010

LYNCHBURG, Va. -- Simplimatic Automation, a leading supplier of material-handling systems, has designed an innovative and unique solution for CPG manufacturers that want a faster, safer, and more effective way to wash pucks used on filling lines.

Pucks provide a stable and effective holder for in-process containers while reducing machine downtime by eliminating the need for multiple changeovers for varied container shapes. But over time, spilled liquids and dust make pucks dirty. Potentially, the soiled pucks could transfer dirt to product, which can negatively affect quality.

Until now, the only way to clean pucks has been by hand, but this is ineffective if not done often enough, soon enough after a spill, and in a thorough and standardized manner. Also, hand washing can cause contact dermatitis due to repeated exposure. And finally, not automating this process increases the likelihood that the dirty pucks will cause downtime and reduced machine efficiency on the line.

The Automated Puck Washer offers a four-cycle process (pre-wash, wash, rinse and dry) and additional features that directly address customer desires for easy-to-integrate modular solutions that save time and energy and protect employees from repeated exposure to chemicals.

"This machine replaces an inefficient and manual washing process that can cause skin irritation," explains Tom DiNardo, President of Simplimatic Automation. "Pucks have enabled companies to take advantage of innovative packaging designs for marketing their products, and with the Automated Puck Washer, they can continue to do this with a better, faster and more cost- effective process."

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