PSI Engineering Teams up with Major Biopharmaceutical Company

Mississauga, ON, Tuesday, June 05, 2007 PSI Engineering, an industry leader in material handling and document automation, announced today that it will be providing a major biopharmaceutical company with a document automation solution that will increase the speed of delivery of their medical products.

In an effort to meet the ever increasing demand for online pharmaceutical orders, this company quickly realized that they needed to implement automation solutions into their production line in an effort to keep production costs down. In their first attempt to resolve this problem, they installed a friction feeding system to include drug related descriptive package inserts with their orders. During installation the system required additional configuration but once it was up and running it quickly became apparent that maintenance requirements such as frequent belt changes, meant the production line was experiencing too much downtime.

A decision was made by the organization to replace the original friction feeders with reciprocating placer systems. Their second attempt to tackle the problem, proved to be less than suitable as the bar code scanning had a poor first read rate which meant the company could not be certain that the correct package inserts were placed with the appropriate order.

After two attempts to find the best automation solution for their production lines, the biopharmaceutical company turned to PSI Engineering to provide a total solution to meet all their industry specific requirements. PSIs LC In-Feeder 3000 was seamlessly integrated into their existing production lines and has proven to handle the large variety of package insert literature that the company distributes effectively and efficiently. With 100% accuracy, the LC In-Feeder 3000 intelligently inserts the appropriate documents with each prescription order to ensure that the order is filled accurately every time.

With Load on the Fly technology, the LC-In Feeder 3000 operates even as new material is being added to the feeder. Bar code scanning of each feed transaction guarantees the right product is fed into the right order each and every time.

By teaming up with PSI Engineering and automating their lines with the LC In-Feeder 3000, this organization has realized a significant increase in their order throughput and as an added bonus has made their operation more cost-effective without compromising the safety of their customers.

About PSI Engineering

PSI Engineering integrates and automates the packaging of orders within the Distribution Center Network by using patented equipment solutions and PSI designed software technology. PSI Engineerings high speed material handling and production laser printing systems reduce hidden operation costs while increasing order throughput often with a one year payback. PSI provides cost effective IT Fulfillment solutions for the direct mail, manufacturing, distribution, packaging and order fulfillment industries. website at

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