PSI Engineering Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Contract from Leading Apparel E-Tailer to Dramatically Increase Their Order Throughput at the Lowest Possible Operating Cost.

Mississauga, ON, March 6, 2007 - PSI Engineering, an expert in providing order fulfillment and document automation solutions for warehouses and distribution centers, announced today its successful bid to provide its industry first solutions to a leading apparel E-tailer in the United States. Included in this multi-million dollar deal are two complete Product & Document Fulfillment Solution (PDFS) systems to be installed in the E-tailer's new distribution center as a complete solution that dramatically increases the order throughput of the warehouse at the lowest possible operating cost.

A key factor in being awarded the contract was PSI's ability to offer a total solution that will deliver the highest order throughput at the lowest total operating cost in the industry. With the continued success and growing demand for the E-tailer's well-known brand products, the organization needed to improve its process for handling customer orders. PSI's Product & Document Fulfillment Solution is a fully integrated and automated solution that intelligently merges marketing collateral like catalogs and DVD's with a personalized invoice or packing slip. To complete the packaging process, a shipping label is printed and automatically applied to the wrapped product which is then routed by shipping method directly to the shipping department. The systems themselves are able to assemble up to 1,500 orders per hour with total accuracy.

The two PDFS systems that will be installed to fit the configuration of the new distribution center are part of PSI's patent pending technology that serves to automate the packing station process of warehouses and distribution centers. The PDFS system makes use of multiple industry first technologies, including the LC In-Feeder 3000, a specialized high capacity friction feeder used to feed catalogs and other marketing collateral, and the Print Feeder, and combination laser printer and accumulation delivery system used to print and insert the customer invoice on demand.

This proven yet unique system offers a complete solution for the marriage of the print on demand documents and the customer's order, aligning with the company's strategic goal of improving the throughput of their packaging line. Ultimately, it will help this leading E-tailer to avoid extensive labor costs from manually packing orders and also addresses the indirect labor costs that are often hidden within the day to day operational budget of a distribution center.

The utilization of laser printed invoices on demand integrated within the PDFS system, not only enhance the appearance of orders but also saves the organization a considerable amount of money usually reserved for consumables such as ink or ribbon. "Utilizing laser printing instead of thermal or dot matrix printing improves the quality and readability of orders, allowing the firm to extend their world class brand identity to their packaging" states John Panunto, Founder and President of PSI. "This is a profitable decision that will save the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in consumable costs," concludes Mr. Panunto.

With this deal in place, PSI Engineering adds to the number of large multi-billion dollar companies in North America that are using their unique solutions to successfully increase throughput and reduce costs within their distribution centers.

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PSI Engineering integrates and automates the packaging of orders within customer's Distribution Center network by using patented equipment solutions and PSI designed software technology. PSI Engineering's high speed material handling automation equipment, packaging and dispensing machinery and production laser printing systems reduce hidden operation costs while increasing order throughput, often with a one year payback. PSI provides cost effective IT Fulfillment solutions for the direct mail, manufacturing, distribution, packaging and order fulfillment industries.

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