Protocol Converter provides CDIM and FOM compatibility.

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Protocol Converter Multi-Channel Unit (CV-MCU) line combines features of Conditioned Di-Phase Modems and Fiber Optic Modems and offers conversion to and from Non-Return to Zero protocols. Each aluminum, 1U, rack-mount chassis handles 2 independent circuits configurable for separate applications with different fiber types. Each circuit can be upgraded independently, and circuit modules are hot-swappable; rates vary from 16 kbps to 16.384 Mbps.

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DNE Announces High-Performance Protocol Converter Line

New offering provides both CDIM and FOM compatibility

Wallingford, CT (USA) - DNE Technologies, a provider of tactical voice and data communication solutions, introduces a new Protocol Converter Multi-Channel Unit (CV-MCU) line which economically combines the features of both Conditioned Di-Phase Modems (CDIMs) and Fiber Optic Modems (FOMs), while also offering a conversion to and from Non-Return to Zero (NRZ) protocols. Each lightweight, aluminum 1-U rack-mount chassis handles two independent circuits which can be configured for separate applications with different fiber types.

DNE's new CV-MCU line supports the bridging of Fiber-Optic, NRZ and CDI protocols so routers, cryptos, and other NRZ devices can be positioned at significant distances from the satellite terminal. DNE's new CV-MCU product line offers cost and time-saving features for users. It's unique design allows a simple, inexpensive upgrade or system re-allocation of current assets without removing, and recabling each installed chassis. This capability increases deployment flexibility and reduces the long-term cost of ownership.

Each individual circuit is flexible and can be upgraded independently, allowing modules with distinct applications to reside in the same chassis. The circuit modules are also hot-swappable, further minimizing system down time. This modular feature provides an inexpensive and simple upgrade path to FOM compatibilities while preserving interoperability with fielded protocol conversion units such as the DNE's CV-8448-D.

The CV-MCU line offers enhanced features on some modules, such as Auto-Baud Detect and a DTE/DCE selection, minimizing the need for field adapters and reducing connect-up time. Each module offers nearly 60 rates, ranging from 16kbps to 16.384Mbps. A Built-In Error Rate Test (BERT) allows the user to monitor and test link quality.

Five independent circuit options are currently available, including three options for fiber-optic modem conversion - 62.5[m Multimode Fiber, 50[m Multimode Fiber, and 9[m Singlemode Fiber - and two options for CDI-NRZ conversion: Singlemode and Multimode Fiber. Additional options, such as digital orderwire, are planned for a summer 2004 release.

DNE Technologies, Inc. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Charles F. Reese, commented, "Since DNE's new Multi-Channel Protocol Conversion units are interchangeable within a common chassis, this is the last converter unit a customer will ever need to install. Upgrades and system modifications can be done while the chassis is in the rack, while the circuit is live, and without ripping apart a communications van to rewire the circuitry." He added that in addition to digital orderwire, other options are also being planned to maximize this modular concept.

DNE's CV-MCU line of conversion products allow interoperation with deployed Fiber Optic Modems, such as the MD-1272 or the GSC-54, and also convert this modem traffic to NRZ or CDI signaling. DNE's new converter line supports both TRI-TAC digital trunk groups and new, emerging satellite technologies while utilizing the reliability and economy of fiber connections. The FOM modules are interoperable with deployed JTC3A 9109C compliant FOMs at rates up to 16.384Mbps. In addition, the CV-MCU line preserves all of the protocol conversion capabilities of the widely-installed base of DNE CV-2048 and CV-8448 NRZ/CDI/Fiber Single Circuit conversion modules. They are also interoperable with DNE's TAC Multi-Service Access Concentrators and the widely-deployed AN/FCC-100 Multiplexer.

The CV-MCU Line and DNE's TAC Multi-Service Access Concentrator Line permit full use of emerging broadband satellite services, while allowing data communication and encryption devices to be physically grouped to simplify monitoring and control of communication links. The lightweight and compact units reduce the size and weight of a deployment and simplify set-up.

For more information on the entire CV line, the TAC Multi-Service Access Concentrator Line, the AN/FCC-100(V)9 Multiplexer, or other DNE products, contact DNE Technologies at (203) 265-7151 or (800) 370-4485, or visit their web site at

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