Protective Shield extends life of doors, jambs, and hardware.

Press Release Summary:

Providing shield for top and upper sides of door, Original DOORBRIM(TM) diverts rain and snow away from areas vulnerable to intrusion of water. Product also protects window openings and allows windows to be left open for ventilation during light rains. Constructed of recyclable ABS plastic, Original DOORBRIM(TM) is available in thicknesses of .187 and .250 in., and is sized to fit over standard 36 in. wide commercial exterior door or window giving approximately 6 in. overlap or extension on each side.

Original Press Release:

Device Waterproofs, Preserves & Indefinitely Extends the Life of Doors and Windows

"Original" DOORBRIM(TM) announces the availability of the first in a series of protective devices developed to extend the life and maintain the original cosmetic appeal of exterior doors, jambs and hardware for office buildings, shopping centers, apartments, industrial buildings, hospitals, schools and other commercial and residential facilities with exterior doors subject to the elements. Originally designed for heavy duty commercial use, the "Original" DOORBRIM(TM) protects by providing a simple shield for the top and upper sides of the door diverting rain and snow safely away from the areas vulnerable to the intrusion of water and the possible development of mold under certain conditions. "Original" DOORBRIM(TM) shields are great for protecting window openings also and allow windows to be left open for ventilation during light rains.

Constructed in the USA of durable and recyclable ABS plastic, an "Original" DOORBRIM(TM) is easily installed over new or existing doors and adaptable to many building surfaces including aluminum, vinyl, steel, wood, stucco or concrete. The "Original" DOORBRIM(TM) is available in 2 thicknesses, .187 inches and .250 inches, and sized to fit over a standard 36" wide commercial exterior door or window giving approximately a 6" overlap or extension on each side. The units are available in 3 prefinished colors of white, beige, gray, or unfinished (for application in which a custom color match is desired).

Custom sizes and finishes are available upon request with sufficient quantity requirements. The "Original" DOORBRIM(TM) is a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing way to divert water out and away from your building, reduce the possibility of mold growth and prevent costly repairs and premature replacement of exterior doors and windows. DOORBRIM(TM) protective devices are available online at

Prices for the .187 inch thickness units range from $139.99 unfinished, to $159.99 painted. The heavier duty .250 inch thickness units, suitable for more severe climates, range in price from $149.99 to $169.99 respectively.

The "Original" DOORBRIM (TM) Store is located in South Florida and engaged in manufacturing innovative protective devices for use in commercial and residential buildings. DOORBRIM(TM) products are designed and produced in the USA. Custom configuration requests are welcome.

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